CHP. 04 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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Ling Si walked fast, soon they reached the capitals most prosperous commercial street, the people on the street doubled more than half, the calls of sellers are several times higher, right now they are on the right side of the Duan Rong pavilion, on the left side is the Zui Xianju, the bright colors of new clothes dazzled Su Tang's eyes, the rich fragrance of chicken legs disturbed Su Tang's heart.

( Note: Zui - intoxicated / Xianju - a county / Duan - satin / Rong - glory, honor or surname)

"Buy clothes first or eat first?" Ling Si placed Su Tang in front of a shops entrance, asking him.

"Well, I'll take a look first."

Su Tang's little head spun, resembling a rattle, he looked at the Zui Xianju for a moment, then took a look at the Duan Rong pavilion, the temptations from both are too much for Su Tang, he's reluctant to give them both up.

" I want to wear new clothes, but I also want to eat chicken legs." Su Tang looked for a long time, then finally said.

Ling Si was amused by his miniature appearance, he reached out and ruffled  his hair, messing it up, Su Tang pitifully raised his head and looked up at him, his cheeks puffed out, like a hamster that's just been fed. 

However, he's actually a small fox, the type that's smug and gluttonous.

"Perhaps, your stuck." Ling Si said with a smile, and held Su Tang within his embrace, letting him sit on his arm, and said, " We'll first go and buy clothes, then have a light dinner at the inn before it closes."

( Note: your stuck = Su Tang has difficulty making a decision)

Su Tang nodded, he really enjoyed the way Ling Si is holding him right now, he can sit high up and see far, as well as conveniently looking at what delicious edibles the stalls has for sale.

The two walked towards the shops main entrance, a miscellaneous employee came over to welcome them, he looked at Ling Si, then at Su Tang, his mind immediately cleared, looking at this pampered wife, you really want to carry him away.

"Young master, are you here to buy clothes for yourself, or for your little wife?" the employee asked.

Su Tang's face first turned red, then quickly waved his hand: "No, no, no, I'm not his little wife."

"Oh, then your still in the progress of getting married." The employee now understood evidently.

"That's not it, either." Su Tang finished, then turned his head to look at Ling Si, the other person was trying to suppress a smile, seeing Su Tang's small face turn red, his heart, nevertheless, couldn't help but feel invigorated.

"I want to buy him two sets of clothes, do you have any available?" Ling Si doesn't come forward to explain, he just directly skipped this matter.

( Note: Ling Si skipped the employees question about their "marriage")

" Then please, first place your little darling down, let me look at what size is suitable for him." The employee says.

Ling Si nodded his head, and softly asked Su Tang: "Can you stand?"

"Can you let him not call me this term anymore, we are not......," Su Tang pouted.

"All right." Ling Si placed Su Tang down, and said: "he is shy and not used to being called that."

The employee couldn't help but utter a slight cry, he couldn't help but feel even more so, that these two are truly a young married couple. That handsome young master simply pampered his little wife all the way up to the heavens. Truly a cut sleeve, really awesome.

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