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"I missed you terribly, the days drag on too long when you're not here

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"I missed you terribly, the days drag on too long when you're not here." The gorgeous redheaded Sansa Stark hugged her future sister, her skinny arms wound tightly and then releasing.

Victoria didn't let her go to far as she placed both her hands around Sansa's face and cupped her slim cheeks. She could just tell how gorgeous Sansa would be, her skin was pale like the snow that began to drop and hair as bright as the suns flames, she was truly the beauty of the North. The girl was barely coming upon her 13th nameday and already she was the height of Victoria.

The tanned skinned brunette smiled fondly at a girl she considered her sister already, she missed her as well. Sansa was a slight airhead but she meant well, her heart was filled of warmth and promise and someday she would make a beautiful lady.

"Oh my sweet child," Victoria hummed to her, "I missed you as well. Each day I'd wake and think of you and how different you'd appear when I came back and look at you now, a northern beauty. I don't want you to grow any longer, you'll soon be off and married and I want you to stay my young Sansa."

Sansa's cheeks reddened like the leaves of the godswoods and she clasped her hand over her lips. She pulled away and ducked her head at the sentiment, "I wish I could go with you. I can only imagine what the south is like, the culture, the beauty, the sea—"

"—the snakes!" The wild Arya Stark suddenly appeared in the chambers of the Valiente women, she skid into the room like wildfire. Her blue eyes were eccentric as she neared her sister and Victoria, curious doe eyes awaiting a response.

"Arya!" Sansa complained, her lips twisting in anger as she gave her sister a glance. She was a mess, her dark brown hair was knotted and sticking out of its braids, bits of dirt stuck to her cheeks and dirtied hands. "You reek! What have you been doing! Mother will be angry at you!"

Victoria didn't seem to mind as she bent down, not caring that Arya had slightly stepped on her dress and dirtied it. She knelt and looked at the youngest she wolf, pinching her cheeks gently into a smile, "ah the snakes, we Dorne's see them far too often to be afraid. They're like the snow drifting outside."

"Could you bring one next time?" Arya was quick to answer, a few teeth missing as she grinned.

Victoria winked and tapped her nose, "oh my sweetling, it would never survive here. The climate is far too rough for such a creature, it'd be like taking a direwolf into the summer heat."

"Then how about I come with you next time! You can teach me how to handle them!"

"How about we both go! You can teach me how to dance in that way you do and show me all the clothes!"

"Shut up, Sansa, she's taking me because Vic wants to run in the sun not stay inside!"

"Arya, shut up!"

Victoria felt her heart burn at the excitement and intensity they both desired of her mother land, she missed Dorne already but sadly her father had informed her that she would not be back for a long time. Her arms clasped on a shoulder of each Stark girl, ending their bickering with a stern look between them. They ducked their heads, listening to the future Lady of Winterfell. "I would love to take both of you and show you animals, the snakes, panthers, cheetahs. I would love to spend days rifling through summer dresses and accessories but sadly I will not be returning to Dorne soon."

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