The Cell Phone Swap (Single)

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Title: The Cell Phone Swap
Author: DoNotMicrowave
Status: Incomplete

When Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivalling high school's star quarterback, she is forced to wait a whole week before she can switch back. From there, she is forced to interact with the arrogant jerk through text and voicemail. However, as Keeley gets to know the mysterious "Talon" better, she realises there is more to him than his massive ego and sexual innuendos. But when his true identity is revealed and secrets from both sides are exposed, will Keeley still be able to see past all that and keep her feelings intact? 

My Review
One of the reasons I liked this story was because it was cute. Everything about it was cute, from Keeley's overprotective parents and brother, to Talon's stupidly egotistical sexual comments, to their strange, on-and-off like/slightly-dislike relationship.
First of all, thank you to the amazing DoNotMicrowave and I hope you haven't given up! I would be devastated. Readers, please go and check out this work and more of her works, because otherwise, you're missing out!
Okay. So this book did have some amount of cliche in it, but come on, how many people think of the name The Cell Phone Swap? How many people can? Not me, for sure. Of course, some of the things I could already guess, some of the big secrets that are revealed later on already guessed as well, however, I had (and will continue) to have a blast reading this story!
The story of Keeley Brewer and, eh, "Talon" is an awesome story. The Cell Phone Swap isn't really a very serious story, I mean sure, there are big, dark secrets, but everyone is allowed to have their secrets, right? This story was more, for me, in the romantic comedy section. Some people won't agree, but I laughed so much when I read this story. It isn't completed yet, which is extremely sad, but hopefully, will be completed soon.

<3 Jess

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