Chapter 6 - She's my Sister.

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Amy Jackson

As soon as I get home I park my car in the driveway and grab by bag slinging over my shoulder. I get my keys and get inside the house. The hallway and the lounge are totally empty. I know mum and dad are at work probably looking over their hotel business. The thing with my family is that we love business but we have several different ones.

I come to hear music blasting through the walls and it's coming from upstairs. That's probably Tyler again. I quickly go to the kitchen and grab a bottle of apple juice from the fridge and make my way upstairs.

I walk into Tyler's room because I know for a fact that if I knock he won't be able to hear me. I see Tyler buried in his homework.

actually... Lemme rephrase that.

I see Tyler's homework buried Tyler. He's doing everything else except his homework. I walk laughing to him as he has a pencil in his ear and his textbooks upside down. I head to his speaker since Tyler has his eyes closed with his head resting on the headboard. I turn the volume fully down and I actually forgot what silence is for a minute, the music was that loud. As soon as I turn the volume down Tyler's eyes shoot open and looking for the source of disturbing his jam.

"What the hell." Tyler exclaims, but he doesn't move from his spot.

"Do you wanna get deaf?" I ask but he doesn't reply.

"So, are you ready for your movie night?" I joke and Tyler smirks.

"You better get ready or else your gonna stink, and I'm pretty Sofia doesn't like people who stink like a skunk. Oh wait, no girl likes that" I say not being able to control my laughter. Tyler's facet urns into a frown and he throws the pillow near him to me. It just makes me laugh even more.

I turn around and go to my room putting my bag away and immediately get into the shower. I quickly get changed into my black yoga pants paired with a white long T-shirt an Adidas cap and some Nike shoes, my eyes fall on a black and white flannel and decide to tie it around my waist to give a stylish look.

I feel like dancing today, so I'm wearing these clothes. I take my phone and start picking a song I want to dance to. I go down to the basement heading to the gym. Yes, I do have a gym in my house. I connect my phone to my Bluetooth speaker and set it in place. The walls are surrounded by mirrors so it makes it even better to practice. I play the music and start moving in rhythm to the song. It goes like this for a few minutes until some idiot decided to turn the music off.


"Why did you turn it off?" I growl. He just smirks and gestures upstairs.

"They're here." He states simply and my eyes widen

Oh my god, it's happening.

Places everyone.

Lights, Camera, Action.

Ok, I don't know what's wrong with me right now. Anyways back to the scene.

We actually decided how we would tell them so Tyler has to go first. I gestured him to go and I follow him but stay behind the door where they can't see me because there's a wall separating it.

"I'm actually glad you're here." Tyler says to Sofia. Sofia blushes smiling widely. Alex is standing there looking at the house.

"I thought your sister was joining us?" Sofia reminds.

"Yeah, actually she was in the basement."Tyler says I could notice him trying his best not laugh just by his voice. I see Alex standing beside Sofia now.

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