Raph X Marty (my OC)

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"Marty were are you" Raph shouted trough the lair "im tacking a shower" i shouted. "hurry up we have to meat up with April and Casey." he said "give me 15 minuets pleases." i begged "fine" was all he said.  then i started singing (face ravel!! play the video FAST FORWERED IT LIKE TO 1.30)

"wow Marty didn't know you could sing like that babe!" Raph said from the other side of the door. "shuddup and grab my cote so we can go please" i said coming out in a red knee lankth party dress and black stilettos. "finally....w-w-wow y-y-you l-l-look g-g-great b-b-babe!!" Raph said freckling out "thanks, oh god we got to go or we will be late for the party!" i said as we ran out hand and hand.

the end


HEY I LEARNED HOW TO USE BOLD LOL AND POST PICTURES AND VIDEOS i edited this cause i broke everyones screan and head sets that video was taken a year ago btw now my hair is down to my uper back and i am not singing anymore. i now play the organ and the gatare sorry for the spelling errors.


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