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Tony Stark was doing laps around the Earth. His last lap took him 9 hours, which meant he was clocking in at Mach 3.6, that was almost 800 miles per hour faster then the fastest jet on planet Earth. It was nothing, however, compared to what there was in the universe.

He had learned that in New York four years ago, when he and the Earth's most powerful heroes did battle with the Chitauri Fleet. They had barely survived. Tony had traveled through the wormhole and seen the Chitauri mother ship. In the end it had been sheer luck that the Chitauri were defeated.

"Excuse me, sir," said JARVIS, Tony's Artificial Intelligence system. "You've been flying for over 73 hours now. I believe the Mark X Orbital Armor has sufficiently passed the flight endurance testing. You sir, on the other hand would do well with some proper bed rest, and dare I say it, a proper excremental device."

"JARVIS..." Said Tony.

"Yes sir?" Asked JARVIS.

"Are you saying I stink?"

"No! Sir... I... I don't have any olfactory sensors, that would be an impossibility. It's just your bio-scans are showing that you're... Well... You're full of it, sir."

"JARVIS," said Tony, "when Neil Armstrong went to the moon, he didn't stop at the gas station to use the bathroom along the way, now did he?"

"My records indicate that Apollo 11 was a direct flight from Earth to the moon and back... Are we going to the moon, sir?" Asked JARVIS.

"We have to be ready for anything," said Tony.

It seems as if Tony had been in that suit forever. It had been years since he had taken his jet anywhere or even driven a car. He was just Iron Man all the time now. Pepper Potts, his wife, was running the company full time, but he did however still have his little projects here and there.


"Yes, sir?"

"Set autopilot to take us to Bangladesh."

Iron Man turned left at Beijing and began to head Southwest through the night sky.

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