A Shot (Jaehyun)

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Jaehyun, Jaehyun, Jung Jaehyun.  That was the only name all the girls chanted around the school.  Even kids from other schools knew of Jung Jaehyun.  The hottest dude to ever exist... or at least at your high school. Except you didn't really care. You sorta just minded your business, turned your head the other way, and carried on. Jaehyun never really bothered you.

You decided to go to the boys' basketball practice after school one day because Ten was practicing, and he was your best friend. He's always told you how much he wanted you to come watch him practice and cheer him on. Well, today you had nothing better to do.

You slowly headed to the gym, hearing the screeching of shoes against the floor and the swishing of nets from outside the doors. Hesitantly, you pushed the door open only to be greeted by the smell of sweat. Great. But you were here for Ten, so it didn't really bother you.

"Y/N! You made it!" you heard a voice holler out your name, and you saw Ten right in front of you, dribbling a basketball between his legs.

"Yeah, wouldn't miss it for the world," you chuckled.  "So, bestie, you gonna score all the touchdowns?"

Ten raised an eyebrow looking away with a smirk painted across his face.  "That's football, jerk.  I play basketball, but I'm not the best on the team.  I'm working my way up there, but there's one guy who will always be number one.  He never misses his shot."  You smiled before gesturing for him to get back to practicing. 

You glanced down at your phone for a second, feeling it vibrate with a notification.  And that's when it hit you.  You tried to blink out the stars swimming in your vision, but as soon as you tried standing up, you crumpled back down on the bleachers, cupping an eye over your face.

"Are you okay?" a voice asked, but your head throbbed so bad, you couldn't really make out the person's face. 

"I should have never come to this stupid basketball practice.  Why would you be on the team if you can't even aim a ball?" you raised your voice in irritation.  "Who even are you?  You know how far the bleachers are from the net, punk?"

The boy stumbled backwards in surprise, and you finally was able to make out what was in front of you.  And you gasped seeing Jaehyun, the school's heartthrob standing right there, nervously eyeing the basketball.  "I'm super sorry.  I can take you to the nurse if you want," he suggested.

"Don't you dare.  You need to stay here and practice until you realize the net is over there," you stood up, not having a bit of it.

The next day at school, you kept your head down, cursing at the fact that your concealer had been unable to cover up the black eye over your right eye.  Other students kept glancing over at you, whispering, and you occasionally heard Jaehyun's name.

"Jaehyun gave her that?  Why?"

"He never misses the net."

You heard stuff like that all day, and it was driving you nuts.  After school, you decided to wait for Ten to finish practicing, but this time, you found an empty spot at the top of the bleachers.  Your school day had been exhausting, and all you wanted to do was lay your head down and hope no one bothered you.  But as usual, things didn't exactly go as planned.

"Y/N, look, I'm super sorry about what happened yesterday.  I promise it wasn't intentional, or anything.  And I'm sorry about what you must have suffered through today.  I bet it was hard walking around with a black eye."

"You can say that again.  Wait, how do you know my name?"

Jaehyun shyly backed away as you stood up, hands on your hips.  You could be pretty intimidating when you wanted to be.  And you smirked, seeing him uncomfortable.  "Ten, gave it to me," he managed weakly.  "I said I'm sorry."

"Alright, well, apology not accepted until this black eye heals.  So scram."

Jaehyun stopped you from leaving, wrapping his fingers gently around your slender wrist, and you stopped, feeling heat spread across your cheeks and a little flutter in your stomach.  "Can I make it up to you with dinner tonight?  I mean, we could even just grab an ice cream, if dinner is too much."

"Um, dinner actually sounds great," you smiled, glancing down at your already growling stomach.  "Come get me when you're done.  I'm gonna be sleeping up here."

It wasn't long before you were seated at a small, circular table at a cute cafe, a sweaty Jaehyun in sweats and a tank top in front of you.  You tried not to make eye contact with his ripped muscles.  But they drunk in the image of this collarbones peeking out from under his tank top that barely clung onto his fit frame.  Jaehyun hungrily slurped up the spicy ramen in front of him, and you tried to concentrate on eating your gimbap without choking.  Was Jaehyun always this attractive?

"So, do you accept my apology?" he asked, suddenly, and you coughed while grabbing for your glass of water.  "I promise I'm not a bad person.  Usually people love me."

"Right, Prince Charming.  I know.  You're the reason I can never get to my calculus class on time because your heard of female followers are always blocking that hallway, screaming for a picture with you.  You're like a weird sort of celebrity."

"Uh... is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

You shrugged.

Jaehyun's steel chopsticks clattered to the table.  "Y/N, um, so we have a game tomorrow, and I was wondering if you wanted to maybe come and check it out.  And, um, if we win, we could maybe go out for dinner?  My treat?"

"What if you guys lose?" you raised an eyebrow, a smirk taunting him.

"Then it's your treat."

You smiled wryly before nodding at him.  "Alright.  Deal."

You sat in the bleachers, earplugs stuffed into your ears to block out the sound of all Jaehyun's admirers screaming wildly.  Ten waved at you from the court, and you smiled, but your eyes were focused on Jaehyun warming up, shooting basket after basket.  He was actually pretty good.  Maybe him hitting you was just a random freak accident.

You watched as the challenging team darted around the court, trying eagerly to get the ball, and once they did, Jaehyun suddenly appeared right in front of them, stealing it away and dribbling down the court, teasing them with a dunk shot.  You weren't surprised when the score was 56 to 0.  It almost made you laugh.  And the best part was that Jaehyun had made most of the baskets.  He had looked totally in his element.

When the team had won, they ran around the court, hyping everyone up before Jaehyun slowly walked up the bleachers, and all the girls went crazy.  Your earplugs were doing you no good, that was for sure.  He walked past the girls, the friends, until he stopped at the top bleacher right where you were sitting, and he smiled, his hands on his hips and sweat dripping from his dark bangs. 

"I guess I'm taking you out to dinner, now.  Let's go."

The girls scowled at you, but you just laughed and ran out of the gym with Jaehyun, trying desperately to lose the fangirls.  You ran, laughing along with the boy next to you as he quickly pulled you into a cafe where you two grabbed a seat hidden from the outside view. 

"So, what'd you think of the game?" he questioned, and you gave him a thumbs up as you checked on the bulgogi cooking in front of you.  "So, what'd you think of me?"

"Um, you were really amazing.  No kidding."  You tried to get a grip of your feelings, but you couldn't.  You had tried so hard not to like Jaehyun, but he was actually very different from the jock you had always pictured in your head.

"Did you hear my question?" Jaehyun waved a hand in front of your voice, and you zoned back into the conversation.

"Um, no.  What'd you say?"

"Maybe we can continue to meet up and grab meals together sometime.  Um, that's only if you want."

You grinned.  "Yeah, that sounds great.  Um, you're actually really nice to hang out with."

"You know, I never miss my shot," Jaehyun winked.

"Uh, okay, but two days ago-"

"I  was aiming for next to you to get your attention but I ended up hitting you. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I never miss my shot."

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