Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven

How did he do it,Rhiannon wondered? How did Kendal keep up the pretence? Watching him from her barred window, he looked for the entire world a contemporary of the man who had invited him here. They were playing tennis and it had been the methodical sound of the ball being hit along with their laughter that had drawn her to the window. He looked like a tennis professional in his shorts and T-shirt and he certainly moved with the ease and grace of an athlete. How could he be so relaxed, knowing that tonight they were going to escape from this place? That was a stupid thought. It might be the first time she’d escaped from captivity but she doubted it was the first time he had.

She moved away from the window. If only she knew what the plan was she’d feel more settled but all he had said was that he would come at midnight. Until then she had to behave normally. That was funny; he thought being locked in a room was normal. She supposed that what he meant was to behave in the same way as she had since she’d been kidnapped. Christ, that was going to be difficult. She knew now that she was being watched and that meant the guards had seen her undress and take a bath and would, if she followed her routine, see her naked again.

The sound of the key turning in the lock momentarily halted her thoughts. She turned as the door opened.

“Senorita Phillips, Senor Cortez requests that you change into this and join him and his guests by the pool.” The guard held out a cellophane wrapped swim suit.

“I have already…,” she began in Spanish.

“Senor Cortez told me to tell you it was an order.”

She took the swim suit.

“I will wait outside while you change.”

She slipped the costume from the wrapping. It was a skimpy blue halter neck and would leave nothing to the imagination.  Knowing she was being watched, she changed as quickly as she could and waited to be escorted to the patio below.

“You are ready, senorita?” the guard said when he returned to the room.

She picked up a towel and draped it around her shoulders.

“As ready as I will ever be,” she replied.

Cortez, Becker and Kendal were all relaxing by the pool.

“Ah, senorita, thank you for joining us,” Cortez said smiling.

“I wasn’t aware I had a choice,” Rhiannon said, dropping the towel onto the sun lounger.

She watched as James Kendal walked towards her. She told herself to keep her expression neutral but it was difficult when she was confronted by a man who’d give the Greek Gods a run for their money.

“Sunscreen,” he said, holding out a bottle. “After all, we wouldn’t want your lovely skin to burn.”

She reached out for the bottle but he pulled it away before she could take it.

“Allow me,” he said, catching her wrist in his hand.

“I can manage. Thank you,” she said coldly.

“Ah, but, Rhia, darling, it wouldn’t be as much fun.” He increased the pressure on her wrist and pulled her towards the sun lounger.

She dug her heels and refused to move.

“Senor Kendal, I don’t think she likes you very much,” Cortez said laughing.

“Oh, she’ll warm up – she did last night.”

Rhiannon’s hand arced towards him but before her palm could connect with his face he grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t, sweetheart. You wouldn’t like the punishment if you did. Now, lie down. There’s a good girl.”

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