chapter 13- Cafe Trouble part Two

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"Uhm, excuse me. I need to attend those two." Mekaela said, her tone a bit dubious before leaving her brother's table. She didn't wait for an answer and left to the men walking behind a beautiful yet short blond, who was showing them thier table.

Sudden thoughts came to Maeson's mind as he sense the doubtful tone in his little sister's voice. "Why do I have a feeling that she's hiding something from me?"

"Something is fishy here..."

"And somehow I have this weird feeling that..."

Before hid mind ran on with curiosity, a samll soft hand touched his with a soft gentle glide. Maeson looked up to see who it was, but knowing it was his angelic red haired fiancee, "Scathy?" His attention drifted to her, blocking anything else in the background, even the rushing couple that passed by them. One being his sister. And two being the guy that she had for a roommate.

"I want tea cookies." She said with a wide bright smile, her pearly whites showing. "I want to order some, do you want some?'

Beaming a smile, Maeson nodded gently stroking the soft fair skin on her palm. "Sure."

As he turned smoothly around from his seat searching for a waitress, anyone, to attend them, his gaze was caught on a man just few yards away, in front of the washroom area. maeson blanched, his brow narrowed, in distaste as he witness the man kissing the woman.

"How indicent... escpecially in a public place like this."

Maeson couldn't see the face of the woman, but knew the black-headed man was passionately kissing in front of the washrooms. the color on the hair of the man intruiged Maeson as he remembered there were two men entering the cafe just as Scathy apologized to Mekaela. One was black-headed just like the kissy-face man in front of the washroom area and the other was a blond. Suddenly Maeson's mind halted as he put two and two together.

His mind cringed at the image of two men...making out front of a public place. And he just witnessed it.

'How vile!" The more Maeson thought of it, the more he cringed in disgust. But that was no long-lasting thought to the brunette as Scathy tapped hid hand. 'Maeson?"

"ah, yes, pumpkin?" He said abruptly feeling been caught red-handed.

Hid finacee giggled at the unexpectedly tacky nickname he just called her. "What's the matter, Maeson? Suddenly you seem lost and confused and a tad unconfortable. Something distracting you?"

Shaking his flushed face, Maeson sratched his head and responded silly, "Ah, it's nothing."

He then looked down at Scathy's plate then to her hand and remembered, "Ah, yes, the tea cookies!" He turned his gaze to a passing waitress. "Miss!" he called.

Scathy chuckled at her fiancee's clumsiness.

As the brunette just finished telling the patient smiling waitresstheir short order, he shifted uncomfortably in his seat as his eyes caught the blond from a moment ago from the washroom make-out scene, sitting down on his seat, coolly as you please. His 'Frind' joining him seconds later with a huff and flush face. They looked exceptionally happy; Maeson observed accidentally not knowing he was staring with revulsion, mostly at the black-headed man as he saw his chest rise and fall in a high pleasurable way.

'Boy, must he have gone 'sky high'." The thought in Maeson's mind unexpectedly while staring at the 'couple'. His eyes caught the blond's lips moving, as he obvously was talking with a big grin plastered to hid face to the man across him. Suddenly Maeson blanched as hw saw the blond man point his way. At him.

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