Christmas Eve

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Dec, 24 2030

It is Christmas Eve and I'm celebrating it with the kids and the gang.

Everyday Jay looks like his father and every night I cry about it.

We are sitting at the island table talking about the mission we did two weeks ago.

"Girl if they boys were here they would be proud of us." I smiled.

"We know they would be." Luna sighed.

"It's okay we're still together." I said assuring her.

She smiled before hugging me.

"We should go to Coles cabin." Mary chirped up.

"Um sure." I gave a weak smile and they knew it was a tender situation to talk about.

"Well we need to pack now and leave as soon as possible so we can get down there." Jasmine said with a smile.

I grabbed the twins and started to pack.

I grabbed some of my clothes but most of Cole's clothes.

"Let's see diapers, onesies, bottles." I murmured to myself.

I packed the baby bag then made way downstairs to where the girls were.

"Can I change really quick?" I asked them.

"Sure we got time." They said.

I ran into my room and put on Cole's  grey long sleeve shirt, his grey sweat pants I then slide his hoodie over me and smiled.

I looked around my room then it dawned on me.

I grabbed my iPhone, my charger, and Cole's phone.

I made my way downstairs with a smile on my face.

"Ready?" They asked me.

I nodded yes then we made our way outside.

I put the babies in there car seat before getting in next to them.

"Where is Mary going to sit?" Jasmine asked me.

"Frick I'll drive behind you guys okay?" I asked them.

"Nope Mary will drive a different car and us five will ride in this one." Luna said.

"I want Alaina in the passenger side so hope out Jasmine." Luna barked.

We drove and drove went to get food because I was starving.

I got out of the car and took the kids, my stuff and there stuff inside.

"Well this is where we will be spending Christmas." I smiled.

"We all have rooms there is only 5 rooms." Jasmin said.

I got everything situated then we put up the tree.

"Babies first Christmas." I cooed.

We decorated the tree then ate dinner.

"This taste so good." I smiled.

I looked at Luna who is currently holding the twins.

They began to cry and you could see the panic rise in there faces.

I got up and took them.

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