New And Improved Part 3.

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Lauren:"If you're done drooling...we could go downstairs now"She said making me blush and wake up slipping a shirt on since I was already wearing my boxes. We walked downstairs and walked to the kitchen. She took a seat on the stool while I walked to the fridge and sighed.

Y/n"I could make pancakes and bacon or-"

Lauren:"I'll have that...."She said making me smile and nod. I got everything out and started mixing everything making her get up and look at me"I wanna help.."She said showing me puppy dog eyes and pouting making me laugh a little and point to the bacon.

Y/n:"You could fry that.."I said making her nod and start frying the bacon. Once we were done preparing everything we sat down and started eating and talking.

Lauren:"Oh my god! Remember when we all came to surprise you for your 16th! Your face was priceless"She said laughing making me pout.

Y/n:"Hey! I was shocked okay! I didn't see you or the girls in forever and I missed Camila so don't judge me"I said defending myself making her laugh more.

Lauren:"You literally stood frozen in your spot for ten minutes"She said laughing"And remember what happened when one of your friends tried to ask Camila out"She said laughing. I laughed as well and sighed.

Y/n:"It was a mistake!"I said making her look at me and shake her head.

Lauren:"How do you mistakenly throw water at a person?"She asked making me laugh and shake my head.

Y/n:"To be fair he tried asking everyone out at the party...including Ally"I said making us both burst out laughing.

Lauren:"And Ally threw holy water on him! Oh my god I died"She said laughing with me. We were both dying of laughter right while talking about all the crap we did.

Y/n:"Those were the best days.."I said making her nod.

Lauren:"I think your best idea was getting us and Camila to start talking again"She said making me smile.

Y/n:"I didn't like having my babies fighting..."I said making her giggle a little. I saw her phone go off making her frown and look at me.

Lauren:"I really wish I didn't have to go but we have rehearsals and-"

Y/n:"Lauren its fine..."I said giving her a small smile making her return it. She changed into her dress and held her heels in her hand while she walked over to me. I walked her to the door and smiled at her grabbing the doorknob.

Lauren:"It was nice catching up Y/n...among other things"She said making me chuckle a little. As she leaned in and connected our lips I opened the door making the hot breeze hit us. She bit my lip a little and pulled away making me smile and look outside to see the guys and girls with jaw dropped along with Kendall who had a pissed off expression.

Y/n:"Uh..."I was honestly speechless right now. Lauren looked at Kendall and then me and smirked kissing me on the lips once again.

Lauren:"See you soon Y/n..."She said walking to her car making me let out a nervous smile.

Y/n:"Yeah..."I said waving to her as she drive off. Everyone stood in my driveway with jaws drooped and smirks while Kendall stood there with a pissed off expression on her. She walked right up to me and pushed past me making everyone including me look confused.

Gigi:"Whats up with her?"She asked making us all shrug. We walked into my house and looked to see her looking around my house making me sigh.

Y/n:"What are you looking for?"I asked making her look up and glare at me. Okay what the fuck?!

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