New And Improved Part 3.

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Authors note.
Hey guys! I know you have been waiting for an update and maybe,just maybe I can update for a day or two but I am still writing so just have a little more patience guys and as for now I will bless you with a update 😊 Enjoy!

I woke up to my phone going off making me groan and turn it off. I opened my eyes a little letting it adjust to the in the room and turned to my side to see Lauren fast asleep making me smile a little. I saw her move a little and cover her face with the pillow making me chuckle.

Lauren:"You should really learn to turn your phone off the night before..."She said making me chuckle and face the ceiling.

Y/n:"I don't really expect much calls so I don't care..."I said making her remove the pillow and look at me.

Lauren:"Okay that's lies.."She said making me shake my head and chuckle a little.

Y/n:"I'm serious...not much people call"I said making her look at me and raise a perfect eyebrow.

Lauren:"Your side chicks?"She questioned making me laugh.

Y/n:"I had side chicks but when things got serious with Kendall I cut all ties and even if I see them its a simple hello and bye"I said making her nod and sit up making me do the same.

Lauren:"Morning by the way..."She said leaning in to give me a kiss making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Morning.."I said pecking her lips. She straddled me making me sigh and move my hands to her waist whilst I sat up straight and smiled at her"Last night was nice...."I said making her giggle.

Lauren:"Yeah and I'm pretty sure you're going to get some noise complaints...."She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"I don't mind it...It was worth it"I said kissing her neck making a moan escape her lips. She moved her head back a little giving me more access making me suck on her sweet spot making her grip tighten on my hair.

Lauren:"I have no idea how I'm going to hide all these marks"She said referring to the ones on her neck and the rest of her body.

Y/n:"Make-up and if your make up artist cant do it I'll get someone to do it for you..."I said kissing further down to her collarbone.

Lauren:"Hmm...We should probably get some drained me out"She said making me pull away and chuckle.

Y/n"Says the one who wanted more..."I said making her blush. I chuckled and kissed her forehead"Come on...lets get some breakfast"I said making her get off me and slip her underwear on along with my shirt.

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