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"We're not doing this"

"Hell yeah, we are, loosen a bit dan"

"Loosen up a bit Dan." Dan mocks Everlyn, Ev for short, followed by an eye roll.

What a wet blanket.

Everlyn is a simple person, yet not at all, honestly. She has chocolate brown eyes which have a splendid contrast with her fair skin. She has straight, long, golden hair with natural brown highlights hair, and right now they were in a braid that hung over her right shoulder.

She has chubby, soft cheeks, even though she has a very thin figure.

Like, girl, do you even eat?

And in answer to that, probably not.

Ev, may I add, is a crazy person. She's like the embodiment of  the words cheery and friendly. And right now Dan and her are arguing, because Ev wants to "accidentally" throw hot coffee on someone just to get a wild reaction. Must I mention her craziness again? I don't think so.

Then, we have Dan; Dan is more of a tan-skined person, which looks so beautiful on her. She also has brown eyes and short, curly, black hair which were almost always tied in a messy bun. Dan was quite thin too. Dan and Ev are quite the opposites.

Yes, Dan is pretty much dead inside. Not that I'm complaining because everyone may relate.

Dan is the defination of anti-social. She won't even talk properly to people, simply one word answers. She could be grumpy and went through a lot of emotions. Thankfully, around us she's just a sassy bitch.

"Stop you too, and Ev, no we're not throwing coffee on anyone...we're at an airport." I say, frustrated.

It's 7 am in the morning and here Dan and I are planning on how to stop Ev from doing something stupid.

Like, how is she even this hyped right now? But then my eyes drop to the large coffee cup she's holding and that's when I realize I hadn't had my own morning coffee.

Then there's me. I have long, curly, dark black hair. And brown eyes; typical. All of us have brown eyes which is frankly odd. I had my hair open, cascading down my shoulders most of the time. And probably quite mousey because, well, it's 7 in the morning, what do you expect?

I'm like a mixture of both Dan and Ev. I'm quite jumpy usually, however, at the moment I'm drained due to it being so early. That's my excuse for being grumpy early in the morning. Learnt it from none other than Dan.

"You guys are no fun." Ev pouts, and then slaps Dan on her back. I have no explanation for that; It's a Ev thing you know?

"You want to have fun? Why dont you carry my suitcase, because it's certainly not entertaining for me," Dan rasps out and yup that gets Ev to finally be silent.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tiny bit scared of Dan at moments like these, so I'm not surprised at Ev kept her mouth sealed after that. But I did hear her mumble something, along the lines of "I'm carrying shit too..."

While waiting at the terminal, I couldn't help but notice how diffrent our suitcases were. Dan's is completely black with some anime character on it. Ev's is one with a multicolored lips pattern. While mine has a dog made on it.

We sit at some seats, at the waiting lounge, and look at the time, there's still a good 30 minutes for our flight to Canada.

"Does anyone want coffee?" I say,  staring at a coffee shop across from us.

"Yeah." Dan smiles, for the first since waking. Guess the girl really wants coffee, seeing she got exuberant just at the mention.

   When we enter the shop, Dan informs me of her order, then leaves to join Ev on the table, while Ev gives Dan the cold shoulder I knew she would eventually fail to maintain and I stood correct, because once I ordered two large Cappuccinos and turned towards  the two, Ev is rambling about something, while Dan just looks amused.

I take my wallet out from my back pocket, and pay for our drinks. I then walk over and set out the drinks on our table.

"You aren't going to pay, are you?" I address the fact that she made me pay, and sit down while she just smirks.

I take a sip of my coffee and i can feel myself get more energized.

"Guys guys guys let's do the coffee thing," I say. Dan rolls her eyes at this, but I catch the little smirk that she displays.

And we did do it.

"Di-Did you...you s-see the way she screamed? Oh m-my God!" I exclaim, cutting  myself off with wild laughter as we ran to catch our flight.

"I-I cant breathe!" Dan crackles. And her fingers wipe her eyes rid of tears.

"Guys, I think we're going to be late." Ev says, panting a tad.

Luckily, we get to it on time, and settle into our seats. Mine is by the window. Time for asthetic pictures while Dan sits next me and Ev to the left.

We are still talking about random things until the plane took off.

Ev suddenly stopped talking, and Dan and I look at each other, then turned to Ev.

"What's wrong?" Dan asks and puts her hand on Ev's.

"I- I uh dont know...Didn't ever think I would be leaving this place especially for... forever. I can't help but feel sad." She says, and I don't miss the tears forming in her eyes and I don't think Dan does either.

"Ev, do you want to go back? It's okay if you want to. We can take a flight back. I don't care how much it costs. Or how long it took us planning this, we can go back for you. You're not forced to do this" I say, trying to comfort her and Dan nods, agreeing.

"No!" Ev shouts loud for alot of people to stare at us, until they go back to the things they were doing.

" I dont want to go back. I'd rather be with you guys", she offers us a sad smile.

She is aware her mum would be hurt by this sudden move, but it wasn't her fault that she didn't want to deal with him anymore.

Honestly, thinking about it, I would miss my parents too but the things  they had said hurt so much. I quickly rub my eyes, wiping the tears away, not wanting to cause a scene.

Dan didn't show any emotion. She never was the emotional type but I know deep down she's scared just as much as we are. She misses her parents too probably. The thought of never being able to talk to them must be hard, especially in Dan's case where they used to be close to each other.

I look at the sky and wonder what awaits us three girls running away from our pasts, our families and everything before us.


Olla lovelies. Hope you're having an amazing day :)

Side note: this shit was rubbish my friend wrote it all again.

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