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*WARNING SOME SOFT SMUT? Is that what it's called lol?*

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*WARNING SOME SOFT SMUT? Is that what it's called lol?*

"Good morning my wife."

"Good morning my husband."

Robb's warm chuckle is like a soft padded drum agains Victoria's ear, his chest is directly underneath her much like the rest of his body and neither seem to mind the invasion of privacy. They are in Victoria's chambers, the day has just begun to peak over and spill into beautiful lilac colors as they arise from the heavy night. The joke hangs in the air as both laugh softly, a dark husk to their voices as they'd just rose.

Victoria lifts her head, long strands of obsidian hair framing her face as she shakes a few strands away and places the tip of her chin against the curly hairs on Robb's chest. His face is tilted down in her direction, eyes following from her bare back to the endless pools of black hair and to her naked face, a beaming smile on it despite the early rise.

"That will joke never get old will it?" He quips, pushing strands of her hair back to earn a better look on her face.

Victoria uses the heels of her fists to push further up, and the crests of her breast just peak from their pressed form against his own chest, Robb can see their full figure accentuated by the dip as she relaxes into a better position and hums, "not until we are actually married, then I'll likely hate you enough to use it sarcastically."

"In that case I'd like to stay engaged awhile longer." He breathes and pulls both arms to support his head, the smile on his lips never disappearing.

His future wife scoffs and then rolls off him, leaving his body cold as she had been his source of warmth. Her tan skin glistens as he watches her fall beside him, taking a plush pillow for herself. The warm furs cover her deliciously sunkissed skin, a sentiment she had to remember her latest trip back to Dorne and a blessing for Robb as he hasn't been able to stop kissing her body since returning.

She stays silent, her eyes moving to the dying fire near her bed, her Handmaids would come soon which meant Robb had a limited time to make up with his betrothed and leave. He didn't like leaving her angry, mainly because Victoria was a joyful girl who's lips looked wrong turned into a frown. The Stark male tilted his body, creeping his hand over her smooth stomach and pulling her into his chest again so now her head was perfectly arranged in the crook of his neck, muttering against her hair, "you know I'm only joking right?"

Victoria pushed away, eyes narrowing but no anger present as she responded, "if you keep saying things like that I'll find another husband. One who will actually wed me before I turn old and dry."

"You would never do that." He hummed.

Her eyebrow raised, now looking up from his calm demeanor as a shock of fire ran through her blood and she rebutted, "you don't know me well enough, I would without mercy."

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