chapter thirty one

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I looked at Will. his eyes were puffy and I noticed that there were bruises on his hands. So all and all he was a mess, I also noticed that he hadn't changed his clothes from last night before all of us meet up.

"How are you feeling?" I knew that asking him if he was okay was stupid. He rolled over and sobbed into his pillow. My heart felt like it was going to fall to the floor. I crept over and sat on the bed beside him.

"We still love you, you know that right?" I murmured in a gentle voice as I played with his golden curls. He sniffed.

"Well don't, I can't help you. He won't let me." I felt tears my eyes as he hugged his pillow like it was his only life line. This should have never happened, he doesn't deserve it.

"That doesn't mean we won't love you. It just means that for a short time we are going to have to keep a few things from each other until we figure out what counts as telling us," He laughed softly. 

"We are really always pushing the boundaries, aren't we?" I smiled and nodded my heart feeling a little lighter.

"Yeah, Yeah we are."

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