Betrayed (A Legend Of Korra Fanfiction)

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AN: Firstly, This is just one of my little one shot fics as a what could have been scenario.

Secondly, you should know that at the time I wrote this, I shipped Makorra... now, I'm super super happy for canon Korrasami but makorra is still something I enjoy.

So here's what would have happened if episode seven of the first season ended differently. Oh, and on another note, The character's belong to Nickelodeon. 


"Join me, Asami," Sato spoke, holding out the glove to his daughter.

Korra's eyelids fluttered open. She noted the fact she couldn't move, and was currently being held across someone's back, but she was too focused on the scene infront of her to notice that it was Mako's back. 

Korra's eyes widened as she saw Asami reach for the glove. The girl hesitantly picked it up and slid it on. 

"No!" the form holding her up gasped. 

Korra jumped down, the feeling coming back to her body. She looked at the pained look on Mako's face, his eyes flashing with hurt. 

She placed a hand gently on his shoulder, but then turned, preparing to fight. 

Asami reached out to her father. "I love you, Dad." The two hugged briefly, and Tenzin used that moment to move Lin, who was still unresponsive. Korra noticed that he still cared for her, but now the feelings were that of siblings, not lovers. 

However, she soon had to prepare herself for the fight, as Asami turned towards them, the glove shining blue. 

"Sorry Mako. I did like you," Asami's voice was pained as she shot the electricity towards Mako. 

Korra rushed to Push him out of the way. "No!" She shouted, but she was too late. 

Mako's body fell, twitching. She bent down next to him while Bolin, Tenzin, and the metal benders fought. 

Mako's breathing was shallow, and Korra could barely breath herself. 

"Mako," She breathed worriedly. But that wasn't all she had to worry about. 

"AHH!" Bolin shouted, clutching his arm. Three Equalists surrounded him.

Tenzin's airbending was the only bending left. The metal bending police were all captured. 

As Tenzin fell, Sato and Asami smiled. They turned back to Korra, eyes shining with something Korra really couldn't place. 

Asami's hand reached out to shock Korra, but Korra grasped her wrist. Her eyes glew a blue color. 

"For the suffering of the innocent you will be punished." A voice layered with the voice of many others spoke. 

Asami stepped back, shocked at what she had just seen.

"Father," Asami spoke. "What's happening?"

Sato was just as shocked. "I'm not sure."

Korra was lifted into the air, large waves under her. The waves were pushed out, destroying the bots. The Equalist chi-blockers were knocked out. Then, Korra turned to Sato and Asami. 

"Betrayal of those closest to you will get you no where!" A large gust of air blew them over.

Asmai gasped. "Mako said she couldn't airbend!"

Korra's anger was slowly fading, yet the Avatar State continued on. Earthbending them in place, Korra unknowingly went in to eliminate the enemy.

A hand on Korra's shoulder distracted her. Her head turned quickly to the side.

"Korra, it's alright. We're all safe," Mako pulled her into a hug. 

Korra's eyes grew less bright, and she sunk into Mako's arms, limp.

"I'll take care of these two," Chief Beifong told Mako. "Take Korra back to the Air Temple, will you?"

As the metal benders gathered all the equalists into the ships, Tenzin, Bolin, and Mako slowly made their way back to the island.

"Daddy! Daddy! What's wrong with Korra?" Ikki asked.

"Ikki," Tenzin sighed. "Go to bed, will you?"

Ikki protested. "But dad!"

"Go to your room!" Tenzin shouted. 

Ikki flinched, her lip quivering. She started to cry and ran to her room.

"Go," Bolin motioned for Tenzin to follow his daughter. "Mako and I can take care of Korra."

Tenzin nodded. After he left, Bolin smiled sadly at his brother. "I'm really sorry about Asami."

"I should have seen the signs..." Mako trailed off.

"It's alright." Bolin then made some lame excuse, leaving Mako carrying Korra to her room.

Mako laid her gently on the bed. "Korra, you were right. I'm so sorry, I should have listened to you. It's just you have such irritating ideas, and they can be hard to believe. And, you were right. I do like you and now that Asami's, well, gone we could you know..." Mako stopped talking. "Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe we could give a relationship a try. Wait, why am I even talking? You can't even hear me! Ugh!"

Mako buried his head in his hands. He had gotten the nerve to tell her and she was unconscious.

"Maybe we can," Korra said weakly.

Mako looked up quickly. "You-You heard that? But... when did you gain consciousness?"

Korra faintly smiled. " I was awake since Bolin made up the excuse of needing to feed Pabu. I was just to weak to respond."

"Umm, well then... This is awkward."

"No it's not. It's you and me. Like Aang and Katara. Just like Katara was led to others, she always came back to Aang. Now, you were led away, but now your back to me."

Korra didn't let him respond. Just like last time, she kissed him. Mako quickly kissed back, his lips eagerly meeting hers.

When they broke apart, Korra looked at Mako and smiled.

"So," she started. "What happened?"

"What?" Mako asked.

"Well, did we win? Are Sato and A- the others captured?"

Mako smiled. "Same old Korra." 

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