You Tell Him That You're Pregnant

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"Hap." You said softly wrapping your arms around your old man as he sat in front of you on the living room couch immersed in his horror movie.

"Hmm." He mumbled turning his head slightly to kiss you softly as he shivered under your light scratches to his side.

"I have something I need to tell you." You whispered kissing his ear softly as you heard him groan as he paused the TV. After pausing the TV Happy grabbed you and swiftly shifted you in front of him to straddle his lap.

"What is it?" He questioned looking at you with narrowed eyes trying to figure out what has got you so nervous as you fidgeted on his lap playing with your fingers.

"Just spit it out, baby girl." He rasped tugging you closer on his lap as you took in a big breath.

Grabbing one of his large tattooed hands you stared straight into his deep brown eyes as you pressed his palm against your slightly rounded stomach.

"I'm pregnant."

At first Happy didn't move and just continued to stare before slowly lowering his blank eyes towards your stomach where his hand rested.

You were about to start tearing up at his unresponsive stare and before you could get up from his lap he let out a loud cheer before gathering you in his arms as he stood up quickly giving you a bright smile.

"Oh, baby." He cooed before smothering you in kisses as he spun the two of you around the living room. "I love you so much, you and our baby." He whispered softly before placing you on the ground before sinking to his knees and pressing soft kisses to your stomach.

"Our baby." He hummed nuzzling his head against you as you cried softly seeing your old man, the Tacoma Killer on his knees whispering sweet nothings to your stomach with tears in his eyes.


When it came to Quinn nothing got past him, so when you started throwing up and sleeping more he instantly knew something was up. At first he thought you had caught the bug that was flying around town but he was completely wrong.

"Rane, baby. I swear I'm fine!" You groaned swatting at your old mans hand as he tried to feed you some nasty cold medicine.

"Y/N you're not fine! You threw up three times this morning!" He sighed setting the medicine down before slipping into bed behind you. Wrapping his strong arms around your tired frame, Quinn sighed fearing the worst as he remembered all the times he had woken up to your puking in the past week.

"Rane..." You mumbled turning in his arms sighing feeling his shaky breathing against your neck.

Looking up at your old man your heart broke at the worry in his eyes as his big warm hands cupped your cheeks.

"I just can't loose you, baby." He whispered pulling you closer to his large body. "You are my everything, Y/N."

With those words your resolve broke as you cuddled into your husbands arms. Sighing you slowly sat up and looked down at your worried gentle giant. Shaking your head you leaned down and kissed him quickly in hopes to ease his worries before venturing over to your dresser.

"If only you waited until tonight..." You mumbled hearing Rane sit up on the bed watching you curiously as you dug through the stacks of clothes finding the little white stick that would ease your old mans worries.

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