The Boy Next Door|Prologue

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(c) 2018 , The Boy Next Door

Written : (2017)
Rewritten : (2018)

Written : (2017)Rewritten : (2018)

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Marco Diaz

Star Butterfly




He was cold.

His mouth had no filter, he'd say what he wanted and never minded if he'd pained someone with his harshed words.

I knew from the start that I was chasing air, that I'd never get to hold him.

I knew that men like him would never change, that it is up to themselves if they wanted to change.

But deep inside I hoped,

I hoped that I could turn him around, that he'd realize my own worth.

I thought it was only that.

But I didn't knew that it was harder than just winning a stubborn guy.

I learned something.

And it is something that you'll learn as well.

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