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C H A P T E R   E I G H T E E N -

"GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!",The Mce's voice boomed against the speakers, their voice drowned with students howling like wild animals.

"I don't think I can do this",I anxiously spoke to them, my heart was palpitating and my stomach was churning so badly that I felt like I was puking.

Jackie placed her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it gently, her lips smiling faintly."Don't worry, we've  been praticing for this".

I faced back to the crowd. They were many--more than a hundred even, it was too tight and it almost occupied the whole field.

I didn't know there were this many students.


"YES!",Everyone shouted in unision, their tone fuelled with thirst and force.

"What if I messed up?",I negatively replied, bitting my fingernails as I try to calm myself from a breakdown.

"Star,chill!",Janna screeched, a thumb raised with one of her drumsticks as she flashed me a smile.

"Let's begin with Hyrdox!".


"We're next",Vincent calmly reminded us all. I could feel all the pressure climbing it's way through my system as we watched backstage the band's performance--which was absolutely better than ours.

"You can do this",I murmured under my breath, relaxing my shoulders as I closed my eyes and thought of nothing but peace.


There was silence by the crowd, their eyes piercing on our direction as my friends tuned in their instruments. I took the time to glance by the crowd, hoping that he would be here. That he could feel the message I'm trying to convey.

With a shaky breath I opened my mouth."He-hello, we are the. . .Blac'N".

"B-before we start, the songs we're going to play are original and is written by myself, I hope you all enjoy".

"I call this song Twist".

Jackie began to play the piano as it's melody filled the place.

I clenched on the microphone and closed my eyes.

~It all started with a bet
From beginning I was sure
Rest assured that I would never play this game

Thrown in lust, desire and peers
Got involved into my fears
Knowing that eventually I'll lose my mind

So when the flame starts burning
I better make sure that I survive this stupid game
The games last but it will never end
Don't let him ignite your flames

Cho : I don't wanna play this game no more, somebody help (2x)~

I opened my eyes, to which we received alot of claps from the audience. I smiled and before we would start playing I looked around the audience once more.

My eyes stopped to the person standing from the further right, his arms crossed as his alluring hazel eyes stared against me. My heart thumped so loud and I flashed him a smile.

"This song, is dedicated to someone, who I really like".

"To that person",I glanced back at Marco,"I hope you like it".

"This is titled You,Me,Us".

~Do you really like me
Or is it just your way to say
That I should really ignore you
But you know I cannot do that.

My feelings are so strong
They're radiating my system
And I can't make this stop
Once it starts, it does not have an end to it.

Someday in your life you'll regret maltreating me.

Cho I feel so happy when you're happy
I get so mad when you're teasing me

o matter how you drive me to the edge
I'd always find my way to you
I am annoying I admit that
But it's because I'm hopeless inlove
I forget the world when you're near to me
You are my world
You sadistic, You sadistic

It's ironic that  we lived close
Our families are really close
Yet you are really cold to me
So distant that I cannot feel

The beating of your fast paced heart
I wonder who belongs to it
I somehow hope that it is me
Who stares at your window
When I'll get older
I will find another man


"Thank you!".

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|The lyrics are truly made by me, the first song "Twist" has the same tune as Jenga by Heize so please listen to Jenga by Heize to feel the lyrics of Twist, the last song "Me,You and Us" it's tune is the same tune as Chinito by Yeng Constantino, so please listen to Chinito by Yeng Constantino if you want to sing along to Me You and Us|

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