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C H A P T E R  T H I R T E E N -

"Why were you on my bed?".

His eyes bore on me, an apathetic expression planted on his face."Do you need to ask that?".

"Yes!",I screeched."You can't just sleep on my bed".

My cheeks immediately burned."You are a boy and I'm a g-girl",I mumbled softly, it was embarrassing enough to say it.

His expression never changed, it was still cold and expressionless. It was as if the kiss never happened. I sometimes try to read what's on his mind but he's so tough to. Sometimes I wonder what's on his mind.

He suddenly said something that caught my attention."You changed".

I frowned at him."What do you mean?".

He shook his head."Whatever, anyway, cook something, I'm starving".

I chuckled sheepishly."Actually, about that. ."

"I don't know how to cook".


"I'm really sorry Marco", I sincerely said it, my head sunk in shame.

I know that girls should know how to cook but it's a different case for me. I had never tried cooking something because I feared that I might get burned or something--plus my mother always cooks for us that's how I'm so dependent. Someday, I will learn how to cook for the future of my kids, I feel really sad that I didn't impress Marco, if I knew how to cook maybe he would be interested in me.

It was like that, men preferred women who knew how to cook and me? Well that's  out.

He sneered."I should've known that an idiot like you would never learn how to cook".

I crossed my arms."And that idiot happens to be the one you kissed!",I suddenly blurted out of anger.

I gasped and covered my mouth. I had said something so wrong, this was gonna be awkward---damn it!

I silently thanked Marco when he looked unfazed by my suddenly outburst,he opened his mouth."If you think I kissed you because I was jealous then you're wrong, I saved Vincent's life from a mistake he's gonna recieve".

"You're  so mean!",I shouted and dashed towards the stairs.

He's really mean, cruel and heartless. Why am I even expecting something from him when I know the only thing he has is being hurtful to other people. And I was stupid to think that our kiss had meant something, he was fortunate that he didn't feel anything but it meant so much to me. It affected me so much and he just straight thrown all those hopes in the trashcan.

A tear escaped from my eyes, why did I even like him? Would I just keep crying for myself because I love him but he's hurting me at the same time?

I wiped my tears and grabbed my phone. I wait as I watch the caller pick up their phone."Hello?",She said in the other line.

"Hey Jackie",I said less enthusiastic.

"Hey Star, what do you need?".

"Find me a blind date, I'm going tonight".

I'll prove to you Marco that I can find someone better than you!

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