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C H A P T E R  T W E L V E -

|M A R C O|

I storm out of the theatre due to my frustrations. I had battled with my selfish desires but I had lost and let it overcome me. I clenched my fists so tightly that my knuckles became pale white.

I pressed my back on the concrete wall, I lifted a hand and let it ran down my hair. I closed my eyes and groaned as I reminisce everything that had happened for today.

It was so wrong for me to be so forward but I couldn't help it.

I couldn't help but want her more.

Little did everyone know that I'm aching more than she is. Instead of hurting and shoving her away,I wanted to whisper things that make her flattered.

I wanted to see her smile whenever she is with me.

I know that we both feel the same way, the more we stray against each other, the more I longed for her.

But I couldn't just accept her so instantly, I can't just hastily trust her and let her hold me because she'll be the one who'll break me.

And when she breaks me I can't fix myself because I'm deeper, I'm fighting everyday to neglect my desires to hold her.

Because I love her.


Countless of thoughts had been swarming my mind the time I had arrived home.

Does she realize I felt the same way?

Would she push me away?

If the latter would  be a fact itself then it's better, the more she gets away from me, the more I can handle my sanity.


I glanced at the wall clock. 22:40, my eyes landed on Star's body curled on the couch, her back faced on me.

I rose from my seat and strolled closer to her. I stared at her face that was so peaceful, it would be so painful for me to wake her up. Her lips stared against me, strands of hair resting on her face.

I tucked them behind and smiled, no one will know.

So discreetly I leant and pressed my lips against her. The feeling of her lips against mine brought another churn to my stomach.My lips had took a familiarity to hers, I quickly pulled away, mortified if her eyes flutter open.

I grabbed ahold of her waist and hoistened her up, I carefully walked upstairs, my gaze only focused on her.

I placed her softly on bed, just this once.

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Add on : Marco fell asleep beside Star since he we occupied on staring at her face.

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