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C H A P T E R  S I X -
D U M B  B L O N D E

"So,what am I gonna act as?" I asked resting both of my palms under my chin.

Holly, the only sensible and smart girl in our group, glared at me and took a deep breath. "I'm still thinking and while you are all relaxing there mind telling me some ideas for this fucking  drama."

"Romeo and Juliet?" Bewford, the round kid that always chew his pencils suggested.

"Didn't you just heard what that hag said? It's supposed to be ORIGINAL."

"Are you on your period?" Jace, the jerk kid on the class sneered.

"No!" she replied defensively, her cheeks flushed red. Judging by her expression, it's affirmative.

She pulled out some of her hair in frustration. "You're all hopeless sons of bitches that bitch of a hag assigned me to all of your scums!"

"Chill dude," Ary, the girl who acts like an emo, butted in softly. "Just because you think we're hopeless doesn't mean we can't offer help."

"She's right Holly, maybe some of us are not that academically smart but this is a challenge to prove that even if we are not all smart we can still produce a beautiful production and the knowledge inside of someone is not the reason for a downfall," Janice spoke and I clapped my hands in awe.

"Okay," Holly broke into a helpless smile. "If I'm stuck with you all, then I have to give my best shot."

"We'll prove that we can win!" she screeched tenaciously.

"Yeah!" the rest of the members followed.


"Where's Vincent?" that was the first thing I asked when I arrived at our casual table, then my eyes roamed to my two friends.

"He's absent," Jackie spoke nonchalantly and continued scribbling something in her notebook.

"Maybe he's sick." Janna chimed in whilst trying to pry into what Jackie was writting. I sat there staring at them and heaved a sigh. What could Vincent be doing?

"Anyway what are you playing on the drama?" I errupted the silence that lingered.

Jackie's eyes turned to face me."I'm Heather. The sass and cool girl."

"I'm Naida, a bitch girl that fights back if her bestfriend gets picked on"," Janna  smirked.

"Who are you playing then?", they said in unison.

I shrugged my  shoulders. "Dunno, maybe some magical girl or an extra".

"Marco and Vincent are in the same group with you right?" Janna smirked.

"That's so lucky, you have two guys fighting over you!"

"Vincent doesn't like me",I protested my cheeks bright red,after the sleeping incident at my house we both  talked and they concluded that Vincent had a crush on me.I of course,denied any accusations because I can't see myself with Vincent  nor vice versa.

I was already dealing with a handful of problems and Vincent liking me is not helping the weight of my predicaments.


"Can you hurry up?",Marco tapped his foot impatiently,his voice laced with frustrations that restrained to vent out.

"Why are we here?",Liam questioned.

Instead of Holly answering,she sat down still,her eyes shut and her mouth closed,she had her fingers interwined and legs crossed.She flickered her eyes and smiled micheviously.

"I already have plans for our drama",She spoke.

"We are all ten,four would be the main characters,one would be the stage director,the rest remaining would  be extras or the props and me,I would be the director and scriptwriter like per usual",She flipped her hair.

"Bewford and Jace would be extras"

"Arina and Jade would be assigned for the props"

"Ary will handle be the stage director"

"I will be the narrator,director and scriptwriter"

"You may be wondering why I will handle the major work,but to remind you I like the difficulty and molding the drama in my own perspective".

"Janice,would be Beatrice--in the drafts that is,temporarily,Beatrice is headstrong,tough and know how to speak through her words and ways".

"Vincent,would be Theodore,he is the type of guy that is kind to others,sweet and sensitive".

"Marco,you will be Zyke,you are tough  on interiors,cold but you  care for your family so much you would  do everything".

"Star",Her eyes darted to mine and my heart pounded on my chest,I was sweating,I was anxious what my role was.

"You are Jenny,the dumb blonde,the bestfriend of Beatrice".

My whole world shattered,it didn't help that I was the dumb blonde but the fact that I just a side character.

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