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Chapter Five| Assistance

"At this rate," I croaked, squinting my eyes due to the scorching heat from the sun. "--I think I'm gonna die".

The heat was so unbearable that my uniform became soggy, my hair began to feel sticky and it took me all courage not to vomit by it's disturbing feeling at my back.

It wasn't always like this, father would drive me to school but he had some important matters to deal with.

"Tch", someone snickered from behind me.

I halt and at the same time spun my head.


"Look what we've got here", he crossed his arms and leaned on the handles. "--it's a pig sweating".

"I didn't know you were civilized enough to make such a sarcastic remark", I smiled smugly.

"Want a ride?", he blurted out of the blue.

I raised a brow. "What for?".

"I don't know, ask yourself".

I blinked. "You're acting peculiar today".

"It's none of your business", he snapped.

"So am I gonna get a lift?", I eyed the vacant space behind him.

He shrugged his shoulders.


I was reluctant, this offer seemed too good to be true and as far as I know,

We're enemies

But I like him.

But I can't let this offer pass, it's once in a blue moon.

I made my way to the back of the bicycle and when I was about to hoistened my body, the bicycle started to move thus I feel to the ground helplessly.

Loud roars of sinister laughter errupted the alley, I should've known.

The sadistic was pedalling faster than the speed of light that when I shut my eyes and flickered them open no trace of his silhouette was evident. And I was gullible to fall for his trick.

"BASTARD!", I roared with my face beet red, stomping my way towards school.

I should really find a new crush.

(.  .)

"Oof!", I made a random noise when a clothing came flying across my direction and landed on my face.

I clutched on the clothing and had the strong urge to throw it brashly to it's rude owner. I mean what the hell?!

Who the hell throws random clothing at someone? It really wasn't helping that I'm on the verge of being bersek. 

My uniform was still wet and sticky and I abhor this feeling. I swear when I arrive home I'll burn this certain uniform and take a bath thrice.

I removed the clothing that covered my vision, it was the school's blazer. I lifted my eyes to find it's owner and found Marco leaning his body for support on the beige coloured concrete walls. He had his arms crossed and stared at me all the while smirking.

I raised my eyebrows at him.What the hell is wrong with him?

"You look pathetic", He ordered.

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