[32] Missing

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3 weeks after Garroth gave them the key

[I think I forgot to mention it last time, but Gar~Gar did give Jess the key.]

"Aphmau!" Jin exclaimed. "I need to do some research on the key. Mind if I borrow it?"

"I don't know where it is," I shrugged, not looking away from my phone.

    I was in the middle of writing Midnight IV on my second Wattpad account and I wasn't going to let someone interrupt me.

"Ugh, Aphmau- hey, is that Midnight?" Jin questioned. "Why are you writing it-- wait, you're Stephanie Mayo?!"


Jin pulled out his phone. "If you don't tell me where it is, I'll tweet to everyone that you're her."

"Fine. I gave it to Shellie. Ask her. By the way, don't interrupt me next time and do not tell anyone about this."

"Tsk. Whatever, Aphmoo. I'll be back in 30 minutes."

~| Jin |~

I made my way to the school.

Hopefully Shel's here...


"Yes, Jin? What do you need?" She looked to be in a rush.

"Aph told me you have the Phoenix Key? Can I borrow it?"

"Look Jin, I'm kinda busy right now. I think it's in that drawer over there but I'm not sure. If you need anything I'll be at a teacher's meeting in the conference room," she said and swiftly left.

Jeez, she sure is in a rush. Shel even forgot her phone...

     I sighed then opened the drawer. It seemed to be just full of useless junk, but I managed to notice a hidden compartment under it.

    I forced the compartment open. There wasn't anything in it, just some random papers labeled "The H Project"... how odd.

    Soon, I was searching the whole room. Nothing. Desperate to find the key, and hoping it wasn't stolen, I resorted to the last place I haven't checked- Shel's phone.

"But Jin-ny Weasley, that's an invasion of privacy!" Some person said.

    I whipped my head around to see a werewolf girl with black hair, just randomly floating mid-air.

"Who are you?" I pulled out a gun from my jacket's inner pocket.

"Whoops," she said. Her voice kinda reminded me of Shelby's, to be honest. "My name's Oka~chan! Also known as Oka~chan the Fourth Wall Breaker."

"Why are you called that?"

"Because, I tend to say things along the lines of 'didja know, you're part of a book with 12 thousand reads!' or something like that. Oh, and you are."

"Oka~chan! Y u no preserve fourth wall?!" Some random invisible guy shouted.

"Also, never start a sentence with 'because' you dingus!" An invisible grammar nazi shouted after that.

"Do you know where the Phoenix Key is?"

"Uh-huh! I'm designed to know anything and everything about specific universes' past, present and future!"

"Can you-"

"Oka~chan, get your butt back into your spime- space-time- whatever cube!"

"Whoopsie! That's my creator calling, toodles!"

"No, wait- ugh."

   I reluctantly opened Shel's phone. No password, huh... that's not very safe. It was opened to a text conversation with some guy named Shadl.

No, I thought, I won't invade her privacy any more than I already have.

   I put the phone down and went back to the house. I told everyone what happened.

Max exclaimed furiously, "What do you mean 'it's not there'?!"

"It's exactly what he means," Adam backed me up.

"Are you sure?" Shelby questioned.

"Affirmative. Like I said... it's missing."

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