Chapter 22

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(Gracie’s POV)

I can’t remember how long I stayed on that gravel driveway in the rain. I was too numb to feel; too numb to care. Kaycie found me within a few hours and she called Haley and Celina since upon entering the rain, her body shrunk up to the size of a cellphone. Not even that managed to make me have an expression.

They brought me up to the house and then up to Cody's room. It felt wrong. I had no right to be here anymore. For one of the first times since coming here, I wanted to go home.

Sometime later Dr. Jenkins came to give me something for the fever that had broken out in my paralyzed state, for I didn’t move but blink. Haley and Celina never really left my side and once they had read my little mantra that played in my head (a talent I hadn’t known they possessed), they crowded close. I could hear Kaycie phoning Cody in the other room for hours. He answered the first time but after he had heard my name he had hung up and refused to answer ever since. Not that I cared anyway. I was a rotten person; I deserved it.

In fact I hardly moved for the next two days except to do necessities then I would lay back on the floor where I belonged. My mind barely registered the world around me. Presently, Kaycie came in with a camera phone and snapped a few shots of me as I lay on my back, blank eyes staring at the ceiling.

There was one point in my depression period where I got angry. Really angry. I had surged to my feet and stomped around the castle searching for Hunter's office. When I found it I busted the door open, not knocking. Not caring. He was currently on the phone but stopped in midsentence at the look of my red face. "I’m going to have to call you back, Egan." My mind mentally shivered at the name but my physical form stood erect as a statue, arms crossed in a determined motion. "What is it, Gracie that is so important you don’t have to knock?" His gold eyes were slightly annoyed.

Didn’t care.

"Why did you send Cody away?" I demanded, even stomping my foot for emphasis.

Hunter looked slightly amused. "I didn’t send him away. He asked for an assignment, so I gave him one. That’s all there is to it." He began writing down something on a sheet of paper on his desk. "Tell me, do you think gold will look better with black or sky blue?" He mused.

"Black?" I answered confused, my anger stalled momentarily before disappearing completely.

"Hmm," He toyed with his pen. "Very well, gold dress for you it is." He made a note on his pad. When I turn to walk out, he cleared his throat. This was when the fear started to come back. When I turned back around, my hand slapped up to cover my neck.

Hunter’s eyes narrowed a bit and he raised an eyebrow. "Your blood donations are sustaining me, Gracie. No need to be alarmed." He sighed and I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes strayed to my neck every minute or so. "I would like to tell you that your things are being moved into my quarters, since Cody is no longer here to provide protection. You will sleep with me until the Demon returns."

My eyes about shot out of their sockets. "B-but shouldn’t we not do that until the w-wedding?" I stuttered over the word. Just saying the word wedding cracked my heart even more than Cody's departure had.

Hunter waved a hand at me. "Nonsense. Besides, I’m having visitors for the wedding. Lots of visitors. They should be arriving here in the next couple of weeks. My room is the only safest place for you to be." He went back to writing on his notepad and only looked up when he noticed I was still there. "You’re dismissed."

(Cody's POV)

With a growl I snapped the deer’s neck and it fell limply on the ground. Sighing I picked it up and threw it over my shoulder, heading back to my campsite. I seemed to be sighing a lot these days. Ever since-

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