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"as I've begun to learn,
who you are, and how deep
your soul is.
as I've begun to notice how perfect you are for me,
each hour i long for the moment where i may finally be by your side.

like the blueness of the ocean is constant,
so are the thoughts between each second that possess your name.

i cannot think of a world,
where an 'us' doesn't exist,
Because I've become so attached to the idea of always being yours.

is it bad? is it good?
that my heart is forever set on you?
Sometimes it's difficult to tell.

i love days like today,
when the sun is out,
and my mind is clear like the sky.
i just wish you were here to enjoy it.

i will wait for however long it takes,
for that day to come.
Because I've never known anyone as breathtaking as you."

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