Chapter 19 - Another Ambush!

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***** With elite sniper teams covering the assault groups, we're able to push through with the other two groups flanking then enemy and recapture most of the campus.

"These Unknowns aren't putting up such a fight..." I muttered under my breath, melodically pressing the trigger as I downed enemies after enemies.

"We're pushing into their FOB!" a student yelled.

"We're at the beach?" I asked through the Comms. "That was fast!"

"Negative! They're just up ahead!" the student replied. The person was pointing towards the school's hill ridge, which marked the border of the campus, with only a small beach beyond it.

"I've got a bad feeling..." Daniel muttered.

"We're going to push all the way out of here!" a group of students in the front yelled. The others cheered as they rushed down the ridgeline.

"Shit, I didn't even order anything!" I exclaimed. "Joseph, tell them to stop."

"Negative, it seems that these guys want to kill and kick the Unknowns out, even the command department is supporting them," he replied. "Also, remember how there was a facility that the adults didn't want to abandon?"


"It's located just beyond that ridge."

"Urgh, I've got a bad feeling..." I groaned as I followed them. When we arrived at the other side of the hills, my suspicions continued to increase.

"Joseph, didn't you say there's a small facility here?" I questioned.

"Yah, why ask?" Joseph replied.

"Because..." I muttered, looking at my surroundings, "this looks more like a miniature city..."

"What!" Joseph exclaimed.

"No kidding, there's a few high-rise buildings," I reported. "They look pretty new, with the same engineering style as our school buildings. The only damage that I see on these buildings are probably from the Unknown attacks. Joseph, what is going on? Why didn't we know about this location before?"

"A secret base?" Joseph guessed.

"Urgh, these adults..." I grumbled. "Doing all this stuff behind our backs."

"Where did they go?" a student asked as we searched for any signs of activity. Suddenly, a beeping sound went off on our data-chips located on our neck.

"What the hell?" Daniel asked as he tried to turn it off.

"Look!" a student exclaimed as he pointed to the sky. Before anyone could react, black objects started to fall out of the sky, hitting the bunched-up students, eradicating their presence.

"Ambush!" Daniel exclaimed.

"We have to scatter!" Alice exclaimed as she dodged the objects, which looked like pods with the Unknown marks all over it.

"Eek!" a girl wailed as she fell onto the ground

"Phoenicia!?" Ruri exclaimed.

"What?" Daniel screamed. "What is she doing here?"

"Shit, we have to hide under the buildings!" I yelled.

"Get in or under the buildings!" Alice ordered.

"Phoenicia, I've got you!" Daniel assured his partner as he pushed past the oncoming students towards Phoenicia. Just as their hands connected, Daniel succumbs to the heavy flow of students, and his fingers slipped through hers.

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