Night Mourning

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Kandrina stood by her brother's grave, another empty plot on the family grounds. The creator's acolytes had been unable to recover his body,after the attack by the horrible Lightning Demons. Since the funeral she had made time to come here every day, to remind herself of the vow she had sworn to find out the truth and avenge him. Remlik had been telling her about the Demons, and told her about an old hermit who had written about them years ago. In the morning she was going with Remlika to find the hermit and ask him what he knew.

The high priest had really annoyed her earlier, going on about blasphemy and heresy. She had to bite her tonge to stop herself pointing out some of the differences between his own words and those in the holy books. It would only have upset her father and caused even more trouble for her. She had been in bed silently cursing the stupid priest when she realised she had not visited Perlak yet, so she crept out of the window and through the moonlit streets.

There was something about the moonlit graveyard that she liked, it was peaceful and calming. The two moons hung above her in the sky, one large and bluish white, the other smaller and slightly yellow tinted. She didn't know why they were different colours, but Remlik had once told her he thought they might be made of different things. There was no way anyone could be sure though, because there was no way anyone could get up there to check. Even the most powerful levitation spells couldn't get close to the sky.

She looked around and saw a lantern bobbing through the gravyard, and quickly ducked behind the headstone. She thought it was probably a night watchman, walking round on his night patrol. She snuck out of the graveyard and back through the streets and back in through the window at home.

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