The Deaths

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Hey guys sorry I haven't been updating I'm trying hope this chapter makes up for it all and sorry if it's so short.

I couldn't believe my eyes who it was...

It was Danny!

He was to busy with the girls so I ran to find a servant.

I found Mia and handed her the kids.

"Run to a safe place please I can't have them get hurt." I begged her.

She nodded and went out a back way.

I watched her brunette hair bounce away and I turned to run and hide.

I hid in a guest bedroom in the bathroom.

I climbed in under the sink and found a pistol under the sink.

Thank you for whoever put this here I thought to myself.

Now if I just hear something I'll shoot. I said assuring myself.

I loaded the gun and breathed slowly.

Just my luck once I get out of the hospital we get attacked! I mentally yelled.

I heard laughter and two men started to argue.

"Alaina come on out!" They said yelling.

I heard them smashing things in the bedroom and before I knew it two large arms were pulling the doors open and I shot.

"The bitch shot me!" They guy yelled.

More guys came in and I tried to shot them all but I failed.


I awoke from my slumber I'm cold and hungry.

I looked around me.

Where am I? I thought.

It smells of death in this place but why? My brain kept racking up these questions.

I turned myself around as I heard someone banging against what sounds like a cell door.

I got myself situated and I heard the gang  call me name.

"Guys! Is everyone okay!?" I asked them all.

"Were fine Alaina!" I heard Kai's voice boomed through the cells.

"Is Cole here?" I called to Kai.

"He should be across from you in the cell." He called back.

I looked up and saw Cole passed out.

There is blood on him then I felt a ache that wanted me to be with him but these stupid cells make everything so hard.

"Cole!" I yelled to him.

I watch him stir in his sleep before he comes to.

He turns to look at me and panic rises in his eyes.

"Alaina I'm so sorry they got you." He began to cry.

"Is our fearless leader crying?!" Hunter yelled to us almost shocked.

"Yes I'm crying asshole I got the only girl I ever know to love anymore captured, we lost guys face it." He said lowering his head in defeat.

"Wait where are the twins?!" He said standing up.

"There with Mia." I whispered to him.

The door swung open then two large men walked in.

"Cole let's go, grab Kai, Hunter and Jake." The man barked orders to the other man.

He grabbed Cole then Cole started to walk until the other three were out.

They began to kick and punch at the men until they were pushed in the cells again.

The man pulled a gun and looked Cole in the eyes.

"Any last words?" He asked him.

Cole nodded and looked at me.

"Alaina I'm so sorry tell the kids I love them I tried to keep you guys safe but I've failed." He said.

"Are you done?" The man questioned.


"Guys I'm sorry I failed you all as a leader, I love you all. You guys are like family to me and just know that when I'm gone that everything will still be okay. And Alaina my beautiful Alaina, just know that I will always love you and I've always had. Tell Jay that he better be a kick ass leader and tell Jazz she better not let any guy fuck with her." He said crying.

"I've had enough of this." The man said and with that he shot Cole.

I screamed in horror then it all happened so fast.

I heard three more shots and I heard the girls scream.


I woke up back at the mansion.

Panic rose inside of me as I looked around.

The girls were sitting there crying.

"No don't tell me it really happened." I said tears welding up in my eyes.

"I wish it didn't Alaina." They said crying.

"Where are my kids?!" I said looking for them.

Luna got up and made her way upstairs and came back down with both twins.

She handed me Jay and Jazz and that's when I lost it.

Jay looked like his father and now he would never really meet him when he grows up.

I kissed there heads I kissed there cheeks trying to tell them I was okay.

But I wasn't.

I wouldn't ever be.

My possessive boyfriend is gone.

The father of my kids.

My everything.

Is just gone.

Kai is gone.

He was like a brother to me.

Hunter and Jake are gone.

Luna's only family.

I felt pity but I knew what had to be done.

"We can't sit here and cry." I growled.

"What?" They questioned.

"They wouldn't want us to sit here and cry over them they would want us to continue with the gang, well that's what we will do." I said.

"Alaina you can't possible be serious." Mary stated.

"Look me in my eyes! Do I look like I'm fucking joking! No!" I yelled.

The girls jumped before nodding.

"Listen I think Alaina should be the new gang leader." Jasmine said.

They all agreed and I smiled.

"Now go train! I want us to train every day! We have a mission to do!" I barked my orders and that's what they did.

Later that night I walked into Cole's and my room.

I set the twins in the crib beside the bed then slide on one of Cole's shirts.

It smelled of him.

I sang the twins to sleep then cried myself to sleep.

Hope you guys liked this chapter! There may be two more chapter maybe one but I really hope you guys liked this! Love you all so much!!
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