In Your Arms

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"The most beautiful woman I've ever known

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"The most beautiful woman I've ever known." Rafa sweeps my hair away from my shoulders. He almost looks soft and boyish, as he used to. Is he being truthful? I'm not sure. At one time, I knew the power I held over him. But the countless tabloid articles about him with models and starlets have eroded my confidence that he would ever desire me again.

He touches my face with only his fingertips, and time seems to stop. I shudder in a breath because it's all so overwhelming. I think I might cry. I swallow a lump in my throat.

"Everything feels out of control right now," he says fiercely.

He says those words while he grazes my skin with only the lightest of hands, and it makes me want him even more. I'm gasping for breath, on the verge of sobbing.

God, does he feel the same way? Is it possible? I reach a burgundy-polished finger toward his face and trace his soft lips. Rafa opens his mouth and takes my entire finger inside, staring at me with such blazing need that I think I might faint. His tongue wraps around my finger, and I draw in a breath.

"I've never forgotten how talented you were with that tongue, Rafael."

He grins playfully and takes my hand out of his mouth, pressing his lips to my palm. The sensation is so soft after his rough kisses, so soothing and caring. It brings back all of the tender, safe feelings I used to have for him.

"If I recall correctly, you have a similar talent."

I giggle and move toward him, wrapping my arms around his neck. I can feel how warm his skin is next to mine. He runs a big hand through my hair, his eyes half-lidded, his mouth nipping at any part of my skin he could reach. We kiss with urgent passion, slow and wet, then hard and biting. Somehow we know exactly where to touch, to kiss, when to murmur and when to smile at each other.

I've forgotten how complete I feel in his arms.

My body's need for him is undeniable, but my mind is trying to warn me away from the primal instinct drawing us together. I have to put a stop to this. He's in St. Augustine on business. Rafa seems serious about investing in my newspaper, that's clear from the endless meetings we had all day with the various departments at the paper. The last thing I want is him thinking I'll sleep with him in exchange for helping. My body is not an acquisition in a transaction.

But my every cell wants him. Is clamoring for more. And perhaps I don't mind him acquiring me.

Rafa moves almost in slow motion, pressing me down on the bed. His light kiss is both familiar and comforting, making my need grow by the second. His naked chest lightly brushes against my bare breasts, and I'm aflame, abuzz, awash, in him. How does he always know the exact moment to slow down during our lovemaking, to prolong my pleasure?

"We still have it, Justi. That craving for each other. Don't we?"

My lips graze his ear. "I could fuck your voice."

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