7:\\ Making Scenes

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Typical of Aaron to have a crowd form around him everywhere he seems to go. He had randomly approached me and I was flabbergasted. He had fallen dramatically in front of me and that was how the party, that I didn't even want to go to, ended.

The music immediately shut off and a crowd of people were very convinced that it was more important for them to watch Aaron fall than dance and get drunk and do that party stuff. Maybe they'd thought he had gotten in a fight, but it didn't matter. I didn't understand people's intrigue with Aaron Paul, he was just an attractive boy. So what? There's plenty of those!

I wished Stella hadn't dragged me into this mess. For once I regretted going somewhere I didn't want to go. Normally I would be fine with it, but today, I was dumbstruck and wishing I hadn't agreed.

"Help me up," he said and I just stared at him. His gray eyes bare and staring into mine. I felt my cheeks flush and the temperature of the world rose with every second. It was already hot and sweaty but now, it was hotter and far more awkward than I could have ever imagined. I wished I could be back home in my warm bed reading my English textbook than here in the hot room smelling alcohol.

I bent down to sit beside him but changed my mind. Instead, I reached out a hand to help him up.

A surge of adrenaline rushed through out my body as I stared into the pools of his gray eyes. My heart was accelerating and I looked at him with a strange feeling in my soul. I felt empowered. I was stuck in the trance that was his eyes and I couldn't find my way out. It was as though the earth had swallowed us up and everyone disappeared. I felt connected to him somehow.

As soon as I pulled my hand away from his, it was like I had been tossed into a waterfall as people were chatting loudly, no longer paying attention to our ordeal as the music blasted louder than before.

I have to find Stella. I thought, walking past Aaron's tall build and searching the crowd. She was nowhere in sight.

Maybe she can just go home with whoever she's with now, I hope she isn't mad at me tomorrow. I quietly headed back to the door where Aaron now stood frozen in place. I wanted to hold my hands over his eyes and make sure he was alive, but I decided against it. I silently slithered past everyone in the dark room and found myself in the cold midnight breeze. At that moment, I realized I hated parties and would never willingly or unwillingly attend one again.

I made my way to my car and took a deep sigh of relief. I hated crowded places.

As soon as I started the engine, I heard a tapping on my window. Nobody was there. I looked again. Nothing.

The tapping began again and I began to freak out. When I turned my head, there he stood.

I screamed loudly, pressing the gas pedal and driving quickly until I stopped a few feet away. He lay on the ground hunched over grabbing his foot.

I quickly rushed out.

"Oh my god! Did I just drive over your foot?!" I screamed as he lay hunched over in pain. Nothing was going right today and all it took was an accident. Would he sue me?!

"Help me up." He whimpered. Those words he had said earlier, I didn't want to touch him, I was afraid of what would happen this time.

"Somebody help!" I shouted, watching his attempt to take his shoe off and cry in pain.

"You drove over my foot!" He shouted and I suddenly felt guilty.

"You scared me to death!" I shouted back, "Why were you even at my car?!"

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