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❝The Northern Sun suffocate under Winter and the wolves

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The Northern Sun suffocate under Winter and the wolves.

She was nicknamed the Northern Sun for her tanned skinned and Dornish features, ironic considering her birth had been in the midst of winter. Her father had grasped the young babe just as she'd fallen from her mothers womb, wiped the blood from her beautiful face to reveal an exotic beauty and caressed her cheek, amidst his tears and sorrow for the loss of his wife he declared, "you will be Victoria, for you will find victory will follow you everywhere. Victoria Valiente, first of your name and of house Valiente. A brave women, fighter, and winner you shall be. You will make our house great again my dear winter sun."

And so was her destiny, to be brave, to be lethal, but most importantly to win against all odds, and even on her first name day this was seen. The Mad King had wanted her for his youngest song Visery's as soon as he'd heard of Elia's young cousin with child. As his name went though he became reckless over those last few months of Victoria's time before birth, House Valiente's castle was burned to the ground when Lord Ricardo Valiente refused to send his young bride to the Red Keep with her cousin. He had his suspicions much like everyone else and would not put his lovers life on the line, as well as his heir.

They were confirmed shortly after his refusal and the border of Dorne and Westoros was attacked, his castle being the only to suffer damages. Amara, the pregnant bride and soon to be mother suffered fatal wounds, she held on long enough to birth a brilliant child and hand her off to the father.

Ricardo held his young child in the middle of Winterfell, her innocent features and small cries echoed the room after he'd cast greatness on her name before turning to the Warden of the North and promising that whatever remained of his forces would rally behind the Stark and his daughter would be his sons to wed. The Martells could not oppose as much of their money came from the great house and so they begrudgingly sanctioned the union.

And so it was said that the Northern Sun was raised with a pack of wolves, and together they fostered a unique wolf, one capable of trekking in flames and running snow. Victoria grew alongside the Stark siblings and her Martell cousins, she learned to be free and rebellious like the Dornes but also fierce and savage like the Northerners. She also grew fondness and companionship with her future husband, they were best friends who had the pleasure to know each other before marriage. Did they love one another? Victoria never asked herself this much less questioned Robb but she knew her duty, she knew her name, and she certainly knew that love or not victory was hers to take. IN VICTORY AND VALOR was after all her house words and true they shall be if she got her way.

Complications and the gods however seemed to play a different game with her, one of Thrones. After the Hand dies unexpectedly and Ned Stark is soon swept away with the duties of new hand as well as the dangers of being near the Throne his son Robb is left to keep with pace and ensure that their house survive against all odds. The plan had been simple, keep Winterfell and House Stark stable while their father did his duties as Hand but a string of unexpected deaths, betrayals, and discoveries leads to the War of the Five Kings one where nothing is left the same, not even Victoria's future.

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