Chapter 12: Headaches

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“Hey there handsome. You know…my bed missed you this weekend.” She pouted slightly making me chuckle. “Oh really? Well maybe I’ll have to visit it soon then. Wouldn’t want it to get too upset.” I smirked. She twirled her light brown hair and bit her lip, “I think that’s a good idea. Tomorrow night sound good? My parent’s are out of town.” I nodded and kissed the back of her hand. Might as well…it’ll get my head back in the game. Isis is only here temporarily, so why should I act any different? I mean…I guess I can still be more conscious of other’s needs but I like how I am at school.



I mean what could go wrong?





Chapter 12:


Isis’ POV:



I felt a funny stirring in my heart as I watched my master flirt openly with another girl. It was like an aching hollow feeling in my chest that I tried to rub away. Am I getting sick? I must be. Huh…I haven’t been sick in centuries! I was lucky enough to be in my lamp when the plague hit. Genies don’t get sick often but when we do…it isn’t very pretty. We never die from it but I’ve seen some come close to it. I really hope I’m not getting sick.




“I’ll see you later baby.” He smirked down at her and I accidentally broke my pencil. The snapping sound made his face meet mine in surprise. I gave him a sheepish look, “I apologize.” I muttered feeling my face heat up. He sent me a confused look before grabbing a seat just two down from me since Lyle and Corbin sat on either side of me. “You okay?” he whispered. I simply nodded without looking at him afraid that I’d spill what I was feeling.



But…what was I feeling? I haven’t felt something like this on so long, I forgot what the name of it was! I wish I could talk to someone about this. I felt an arm go around my shoulder and looked up to see Corbin grinning down at me, “Watch Gordon’s face…laugh in a few seconds.” I was confused but did as he asked as I looked at Gordon. Forcing out a laugh he narrowed his eyes at the two of us. Was he feeling what I was feeling just minutes ago? He looked a little sick like how I felt.




“I don’t understand.” I stated under my breath. Corbin’s breath tickled near my ear making me giggle slightly, which in turn made Gordon glare at us even further. I don’t think he’s realizing he’s doing it. Corbin chuckled making me shiver slightly because he was so close. “We’re making him jealous Isis. Simple.” He shrugged to himself. Jealous? Was that what I was feeling earlier?

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