And I went to Anandi

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I clearly remember the date it was 12th of November 2008 I just reached Howrah Station directly from my college after my Convocation Ceremony, I was not alone I had some friends who had to catch their flights from Kolkata next day. In the bunch of people there was one ass hole named "Bhai", there is some weird story why he was named as bhai. But I will call the fucker this way only from now on. This fucker was from Sri Lanka and posted in Chennai, and as we all know there is seriously scarcity of beautiful girls in Chennai(My south Indian friends might not agree with me) so he didn’t get much hold to beautiful girls or maal girls neither for eye tonic nor for real fucking, So he was eagerly waiting for some real sex he had lots of expectation from this trip to Kolkata with me and I didn’t wanted to let my friend down after all it was our first meeting after college got over.  

So i Called Resham and Informed her I am coming to Para (That’s what they call Sonagachi) with one of my friend Bhai, But destiny had some other plans, Resham had prior un-confirmed plans to visit digha that evening. We reached Resham’s  place anyway and she was ready to leave for Digha, I asked Bhai to choose any girl from there but bhai become very choosy as he got so many beautiful options and said I didn’t liked anyone. Now we have a situation that we have to visit some other place so resham introduced us to a pimp  named Ram Singh as Bhai didn’t liked any of the girl of resham’s building. Till now I didn’t understood one thing why resham took a promise from me of not to fuck any other girl as she was going to digha with some other guy, I didn’t had any issues with her wish and  promised happily as I had no plans Either to go with ay . I had some strange commitment to myself only have sexual relationship with One Lady at a time.

Ram Singh took us to Building an old building it was called as 94, may be due to its Address, It had around 30 Rooms with some rooms on 6th Floor also. I was following Ram Singh and Bhai Following Me. The gate was abnormally small for such a huge building, there were around 10 pimps at the small entrance who double as guards or Bouncers whenever required. There was no one in the ground floor except Pimps cum bouncers, We started climbing to first floor and Ram Singh st shouted some names and girls understood some guest is coming. As we reached first floor I saw around 20 pair of eyes looking at us. And each pair of eyes was saying a totally different story but hoping for only one thing “grab the Guest”. All the girls of the building were there. There were genuinely beautiful girls, Cosmetic beauty girls and some Not So beautiful girls and Bhai took his time to Choose Karishma from the bunch of girls, BTW Karishma is the name of the girl Bhai had chosen for himself. They both went to her room and bolted it from inside, I just sat there with other girls waiting for Bhai to get finished and Lit a cigarette and offered to anyone who was willing to smoke sitting in Verandah in the middle of the Covered building. I was just talking to girls and girls were must be thinking like how can someone come inside the building and just smoke and no fuck they were pinching me with every intensity.

I saw a girl in pink Tee and Black Trouser in the side walk of the Verandah she had a glow of Energy in her eyes. Every time I had a relationship was with a girl with some Energy in her eyes. She was standing quietly and staring at me as I was the only probable Customers. I am a die hard rock fan, and piercing on her right eyebrow said she was punk at least and thought “She is different” After taking everything in consideration I said to myself ”she is my type”. I just pointed my finger towards her and Ram Singh called by her Name which I heard the first time” ANANDI. There was something in her eyes which was so deep and full of Energy. Anandi took me and Ram Singh to her room for Rate Negotiations, We agreed on 700 Rs for One time and 2000 Bucks for whole Night, I was fascinated by the Energy of the lady and was feeling privileged with going with her although I knew she had ridden more man than women I have imagined. ANANDI means “Lady with Joy” and she was exactly the same from outside actually what I learnt on that day, anandi is happening all the time she was itself like a festival. I have met some others girls also in that profession every one was unhappy in that place but a very few have the ability to show the opposite from their behavior.

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