Chapter 6

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"What even happened?"

"Well you were fighting Nora."

"Yeah I remember that."

"And apparently Mike realized you were winning so he came in to save Nora. Because they are dating." I give him the What? look.

"I know right. But they you got knocked out and I thought I lost. We were so scared."

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault Elizabeth. It's mine. If I di-"

"No! It isn't your either. There is no way you could've prevented it from happening."


"I heard your voice."


"When I was out I heard people talking. And one of them of you. I know it was you to so I opened my eyes."


"I love you."

"I love you too."


"We're going out tonight."


"W e a r e g o i n g o u t t o n i g h t."

"I know what you said. But I'm not capable to go out," I say gesturing to my disheveled body.

"We're going to get tattoos and your coming whether you want to or not."

"Whatever. I'll ask my mom."

"Already taken care of."

"Ok I'll get dressed then."

"We'll leave you to that."

I look to see what I'll wear.

I scream to my friends, "What do I wear?"

"A dress!!!!!"


I look through my closet to find the only dress clean is a short skimpy navy one. I guess it'll do. I undress and throw it on. I step out and they clap. So I curtsy.

"Let's go."


"Should I get the Dauntless symbol?"

"I don't know," I tell Sofia.

"I'm getting it."

"Okay Sof."

I look around the tattoo shop to find anything that I would want to get. And sadly I can't. I already have the Dauntless symbol I got that when I was 15. I continue to look until I find it. The tattoo that is perfect for me. It's a heart that looks like it's stitched into my skin with a needle in it.

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