(Attack on Titan) Ymir x Childhood friend! Reader

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This was requested by TheHellRider. Also, I will try my best it's this story, but, even though I love Attack on Titan, I don't know Ymir all that well, so I hope it turns out ok. One finally thing ⚠️⚠️⚠️This is featuring season 2 so if you have not seen it please watch it then read this so there are no spoilers. Hope you enjoy!

*Your P.O.V.*

            I ran as fast as I could through the trees of the woods. A 10 meter titan chased after me. Thankfully, it was an abnormal and it got distracted every now and then which meant I was able to get a good distance away from it. My 3D maneuver gear stoped working because I'm out of gas. I was beiginning to get tired of running and started to slow down. Eventually, I got so tired I stopped completely. 

            What I feared most was finally coming true, my death. The 10 meter titan came to a stop in front of me and grabbed ahold of me. I used my last blade to try to cut off some fingers or anything, but it was useless against the creature. Just as it opened it's mouth a terrifying screech was heard. It was so loud I knew it was close, but I didn't expect it to be this close. About 30 meters away stood a 5 meter titan.

            The titan had a big head with a big nose, long arms, rugged hair, small black eyes, small pointed ears, small fangs, and claws. I've never seen a titan like it before and it left me terrified. It let out it's horrible screech and charged at the titan holding me. It was like watching lighting, it was so fast. I closed my eyes tight getting ready for the unenviable and I felt the 10 meter titan starting to fall and felt another large hand grab me. 

            I still kept my eyes shut, but soon started to feel wind rushing past me and as fast as it started it disappeared and I slowly opened my eyes. I knew I was still being held by the 5 meter titan, but I couldn't help but look. When my eyes were finally open I saw the titan looking at me. It's pitch black eyes staring into my (e/c) eyes. 

            It began to speak(which I found weird) in a deep, hoarse voice,"I'm sorry if I scared you. You're not hurt are you?" The titan set me down on the ground.

            I was in a daze until it spoke again asking the same question which made me stutter,"I-I, I'm ok. Th-thanks". This seemed to calm the titan down and it began to glow a yellowish color and became smaller and turned into a human. If that wasn't surprising enough that the titan turned into a human and talked in titan form, the titan was also a girl! 

            She was 5'6", she had short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. How does someone like her turn into something like that titan?!? I still couldn't speak, even as she beings to laugh at me. When I looked over at her she had tears at the edge of her eyes from how hard she was laughing. I began to cower in fear as she continued to laugh.

            Once she noticed she stopped laughing immediately and kneeled down in front of me, "Hey, I'm sorry for laughing. It's just funny to me when people make faces when I turn from a human to a titan or for a titan to a human," she apologized. She was actually kind of sweet. 

            I finally calmed down and looked her in the eyes,"It's ok. I was definitely shocked and a little scared, but I'm ok now. How can you..?" I trailed off not knowing how to ask my question.

            She spoked up seeming to know what I was trying to ask,"How can I turn into a titan? That's... kind of a long story. If you stick round you might learn it some day," she had a devious smirk on her face, but I liked the idea of being around her so I shook my head in agreement and she continued, getting up and stretching out a hand to me,"Then, let's go (n/n)"[(n/n) in this case means nickname]. 

            I blushed a bright red as she somehow know my nickname,"Ho-How do you know that?!?" 

            She smirked once more,"Because once apon a time you were my princess". She then pressed her lips softly against my and I instantly pulled away as my childhood memories came back to me. 

             She was my friend. I lived in the woods, outside the wall with my dad and she was my friend.. her name was Ymir. She would come and visit me everyday and she would play games with me. She once told me about how she was a titan. She referred to herself as a monster. When I was little I thought the princesses saved monsters and when she told me she was a 'monster', I asked if I could be her princess. She said yes.

            Tears flowed down my face as I spoke,"You haven't aged a day, Ymir," I noticed how she couldn't help but to smile when I said her name showing that I remembered her. I ran into her hard causing us to fall as I hugged her tightly,"I can't believe it's you!" 

            She kissed my lips again,"Of course it's me. Who else would save you in such a heroic way? After all you are the one and only princess that saved me". This time I kissed her and I didn't pull away until I was out of breath and she picked me up and carried me to my old house, we did some work so it looked new and we decided to live there together. The princess and the monster, who turns into the princess's prince. Together forever.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this! 

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