"Appa, can you play MXM 'I'm the one'?" Chanyeol asked after the song ended.

And so we rode to the mall with songs of MXM, Samuël, Wanna One, Ioi, Pristin and weki meki.

We arrived at the mall and I helped the kids getting out of the car.

Chanyeol and Kai held my hands, while Sehun was in the arms of Suho. After 5 minutes waiting, the others arrived as well and we walked together in to the mall.

We walked to a kidsstore and began with shopping.

"Uncle, this is cute." And Baekhyun held a pink t-shirt. "Sweetie, that's for girls. You don't want to have a cupcake on your T-shirt right?" Xiumin said. I looked up to Baekhyun who looks sad.

"Baek look, there are so many nice t-shirts there. Come lets look." I said.

I let go of Kyungsoo and walked with Baekhyun to a section with different kinds shirts. "Look, this pink one is manly and cute at the same time. Do you want to try it?" He happily nods.

After the kids all fit some clothes, which took 1,5 hour, we were done in that ONE store.

They all bought pants, and t-shirts in different collours.

We walked through the mall and somethimes stops at a store and looked inside.

We arrived at the kids café where the kids played and we sat at one of the tables.

"How late is it?" Xiumin asked. "It's almost 3 o'clock. I will text Luhan where we are." I respond and took my phone.

"Oh I need to take this phone. Can you order some ramyeon for me." Suho said holding his phone.

"Oh yeah of course." I said not looking up to him, because I was texting to Luhan.

I stood up and walked to the foodbar to order 3 ramyeons and one kimchi serving. I also ordered a little snack for the kids.

I walked back with 3 ice teas to the table where Luhan sat with Sehun on his lap taking selfies with Luhan's phone.

"Here." I handed him his drink and sat at the opposite side of the table.

Baekhyun came to us. "I am thirsty.." He pants. I gave him my drink and he sat on my lap.

"Appa, are you cooking tonight?" Baekhyun asked. "Yes, any requests?"

He nods. "Can we eat those french fries you made a month ago? Those were better than the ones that-" he stops. He looked up to Xiumin who is frowning.

"Ones that were made by someone else." He whispers, not looking away from Xiumins staring.

I laughed and hugged Baekhyun tight.
He worms out of my grip and lift up Sehun and ran together to the other kids.

"So... You and Suho?" Xiumin began and wiggles with his eyebrows. "You better go straight to the point because I want to know."

"Hahah.. Yeah.. I fell in love with him in China.. He confessed to me first and look where we are." I shyly smiled.

"You two are so cute together. Planning to tell the kids soon?"

I nod. "Thanks Xiumin and I actually have no idea... But I think soon, since Sehun, Chen and Baek saw us already in the bedroom together in one bed."

"Hey guys." Luhan appeared and sat next to Xiumin. "Kindergarden was a hell today. This kid keeps grabbing my nose saying I didn't have a nose anymore and when I did it at her, she cried! Unbelievable."

We laughed and our order came in. "Oh sorry Lu, I forgot to order something for you as well."

"Take mine." Suho suddenly pops in again. "I need to go somewhere."

"Where do you need to go?" I asked.

He sighs. "Meeting with Kris. He got the papers already. And we need to discuss something..."



Oh those papers...

Divorce papers

"Okay.." I said quietly.

Suho looked at Xiumin and Luhan, who got the hint and looked away.

"I will be back at you as fast as I can." He gave me a peck at my forehead and left after saying goodbye to the kids.

"Aw, he really cares about you." Luhan squeeled. "Yeah, I think this will work out for you both." Xiumin said.

"I hope so." I smiled.

"So start talking about China!" They both said at the same time.

And I started to tell about China.

About the flight with the annoying kid behind me.

About the hotelroom with one bed, and they both fangirled.

About visiting the cementery.

About how Suho confessed to me.

About how sweet and cute Suho was being overwhelmed with the Chinese culture.

About the mother of Kris.

About leaving China.

But the importants from all....

About how hard I fell for Suho.

And I loved every second of it.

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