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You looked at the direction of F/N but she was gone, she must of got lost in the croud.......well it wasnt exactly her who was lost but it was you, you looked around like a lost puppy. You looked back up at the stage and there was only one pair of eyes and they bolonged to the lime haired boy.

You started moving through the croud looking for F/N, you started shuffling through the croud being pushed to the grond accidently . You felt pairs of feet steping on you and then you heard F/N.

"Y/N where the hell are you!!" She said as you felt another step on you.
"Ouch y..your standing on me you bum" you replied as she looked down and jumped off giving you a expression which looked like she was about to burst from laughter, she gave you a hand when suddenly there was another push and you both fell down.

In the end you both got up half dead but that didnt stop you from enjoying your concert, but as you looked up you saw faces that were full of pitty comming from the stage. You just smiled and started singing along which made you recieve a cute small smile from the boys on the stage.

In the end you survived and had one of your best days in your life, you stayed till the verry end and tommorow you were off to the fan meeting. As you got home you and F/N bursted into laughter, no matter how zombie like you looked this day couldent of been any better.

After all you met the ones that inspire you.

The next morning you and F/N put one some cute ass clothes and put on the passes to the fanmeet, you strutted through the streets to the fan meet. You had to look decient infront of them even though you were a mess yesturday at the concert, you came through the door and saw a great line of people.

This was going to be a long day.

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