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Emani POV.

I closed my laptop and looked at my phone for the time. 9:15. I walked to my closet and pulled out a pair of black leggings and grabbed my sketchers I bought for work off the floor. I stripped out my clothes and slid on the leggings. I grabbed a pair of socks and my work shirt out my dresser. Once I was finally fulled dressed for my first day of work I grabbed my bag and car keys and hurried to the car.

Mr.Mansons' assistant told me that my supervisor would instruct me on the duties of what I had to do every night and then he would go home. So I was basically there alone, which was a good and bad thing.

Once I finally got to the building I found a park which was fairly easy since it was basically a ghost town around here since it was almost 10pm. I walked to the front desk and saw a quite handsome man sitting tapping away at his phone.

I cleared my throat, "Excuse me?"

"Yes." He said not even looking up. There goes that good looks with bad attitude.

"Im looking for Mr.Allen"

"Basement. First door once you get off the elevator."

I just rolled my eyes and walked towards the elevators. When they opened and there appeared Mr.Manson.

I stepped in and pressed the button to go down to the basement.

"Good evening Emani." I turned towards and and he was just smiling at me.

"Hi Mr.Manson." I spoke, barely inaudible.

"First day on the job huh?"

"Yea I'm kinda nervous."

"Well I know Mr.Allen leaves a few minutes after you arrive so if you need anything im always here till at least 1 in the morning, dont bother to ask." He said before he stepped out the opening elevator door.

I watched as he began walking down the hall. He was one fine man and I think I might have to take a chance on him.

I was snapped out my thoughts by the bing of the elevator.

I walked out and walked to the first door I saw and knocked.

'COME IN.' Someone yelled.

I turned and was greeted by a old hispanic man.

"Hi, I'm Emani. The new janitor."

He looked at me and smiled, "Well Ms.Emani, the night shift Janitor isn't really a hard job. All you have to do is mop the whole building, and empty the trashes, and clean the bathrooms. There are 10 in the whole building."

He handed my a key ring, button down shirt, and a walkie talkie.

"Okay so once your done with that, just go and check everything to see if you missed something and once thats done you can come down here and relax until your shift is over. The only one here after I leave is the night security guard and sometimes Mr.Manson. Follow me."

I followed him to a closet where they kept all the cleaning supplies and once he did that he packed up all his personal belonging and left.

My first night on the job. And Mr.Manson was here. This could be very interesting.

Yes another update! Sorry for the slow updates I have to really plan out these chapters to make sure they're entertaining.


—Ash 😘

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