Prologue Part 1

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14th September 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

" Thanks, Gail. I much appreciate it." I called out to my friend as I left the cafe leaving my latest client finishing off her cuppa tea after we met up to discuss the latest details of her bookwork.

Bookwork! I absolutely hate it. Mainly because I hated to do it for myself and always have. But it was the one thing that was my saving grace when I had nothing else to lose. Not when I found myself out on the street with a young baby who needed me.

A baby I had when I was thirteen years old to my neighbours son, Danny.

Didn't that cause all sorts of mayhem in the neighbourhood. But I couldn't see why it would when all of us were not only dressed older than we looked but also had bodies to match.

" Your hormones grew much too quick." Is what Gran said more than once after I started to grow boobs after starting my periods when I was nine years old at the time.

My body was preparing itself for womanhood much like a few others in the neighbourhood. So, no-one should have been surprised when I fell preggers now, should it?

And if anyone was to blame, it would have been my mother who was the one to dress me up in older revealing looking clothes, some of which highlighted my assests, as they were meant to. It was like my maturity, which came too early, came at the cost of my mothers sanity.

It was gran who tried to to rein me in after mumma let me loose.

The heady attention of all the local boys was just that, heady. And it went to my head. But my sights were set on Daniel Cowen who lived just a few houses down the road from us. They always had been and I was not one to not let anyone know what I wanted. In this case, it was Danny.

Daniel was the same age as me, but a bit taller. Not much, but a bit. He had brilliant and beautiful light blue eyes with a silver looking rim around his iris's that complimented his long blonde curly locks that drifted to his shoulders. I thought his blonde hair matched my dark red hair beautifully. And when I was twelve, he agreed with me after we started to spend more and more time together.

So, it wasn't often when you wouldn't see the two of us together about the place. We were even in the same classes together at school and when we started going to high school, we found ourselves even sharing the same classes there too. Which some of the new girls didn't like since they thought they should have had the first pick of the new male stock that they came across.

Those girls were the usual girls who thought they were better than the rest of us in everything. They didn't hesitate to bully anyone who they thought was beneath them, which was practically every other girl at the school who was different from them.

There was only three of them, Prissy, Sissy and Izzy that were the most bitchiest of those in the lower grades who were absolute pains when they turned their attention to you for some reason.

I ought to know. They turned it on me when I started school here not long after they did. But they found out that I am not like the other girls they bullied. If you try to bully me, be prepared at what lashes back at you. Something those girls found out to their embarrassment.

But that was then, not now when they had someone else now in their sights.

When I first heard their names in the hall one day, I couldn't help but laugh. They had been picking on a smaller dark haired girl who had transferred in from another state school a few weeks before I started here and was beginning to look really nervous at the attention she was getting.

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