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Austin's POV


Manger: "YOU CAN'T BE!"

A: "I am!"

Manger: "YOu need her for fame that's it!"

A: "She's acually I really nice girl and talented and fun to be around."

Manger: "Your going to brake up with her soon."

A: "No I'm not!"

Manger:"Oh yes you are."

A: "That's not going to happen because I'm leaving to go to Disney world with her."

Manger: "We are going to finish this convo when you get back!"

A:" Whatever!"


Ally: "OMG IT'S  JASMINE!!!"

Normani: "Calm down Ally."

Tara: "Damn Ally have you never been to disney before?"


Dinah: "We could tell!"

Ally: "OH COME ON COME ON!" She said grabbing both Dinah and Normani.

Normani: "Will see you guy later!"

Now it was only Tara and I.

Austin: "Looks like it's just you and me."

Tara: "Looks like it." She giggled.

Austin: "Gosh I love your giggle. "

Tara: "Thanks I hate it."

I smiled at her and lean down and kissed her. 

Manger: "Austin?!"

I turned around from kissing Tara and saw my manger.

Austin: "What are you doing here?"

Manger: "I came to tell you, you don't have to act like you love Tara anymore you just sold out your whole tour!"

Tara: "What?" 

Tara said while looking up at me.

Tara: "What does he mean Austin?"

Manger: "It means he used you honey, he used you for fame, just to sell out his tour."

Tara: "WHAT?" 

I looked down at Tara and saw her eyes where all watery.

A: "Tara it's not what you think."

Tara: "You used me?"

A: "No."

Manger: "YES HE DID!"

Tara: "You never liked me?"

A: "Tara listen."

Tara: "i thought what we had was real?"

A: "Tara babe, everything is real, I love you. At first it was for fame but I devopled feelings for you."

Tara: "How could you?"

A: "Tara-"

Tara: "No, Austin stay away from me."

Tara then ran off. 

I looked at my manger.

Austin: "Why?!"

Manger: "She was holding you back."

I then looked in the direction Tara ran in and left Disney. I left Disney with a broken heart. 

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