Chapter 5

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(July 3 2015, 4:25 PM.)

I saw so overwhelmed of all of this. Everyone was mostly asleep. The intercom came on.


- "Hello, this is your captain speaking. We have about arrived at Alliance. Dropping out of warp in 3, 2, 1..."

We came out of warp, and everything out the window didn't have that's stretched look anymore. I looked out the front window. I saw our new planet. I actually.....looked pretty nice. It had a bright blue ring around it and looked like it had about eight continents on it. I looked to right to see that the planet had three moons. One was very close to the planet, and the other two were about the distance that our moon was to the Earth.

By this time everyone was awake, looking out at our new home planet. We started to approach, and entered the atmosphere. After we got through the clouds I could see the huge futuristic city. Very tall buildings made out of glass on the mountains, roads that had digital crosswalks, just so much that I could hardly believe. Within a few minutes we finally landed. I was the first one to step out. The air smelled really.....clean. Hardly any pollution in the air. I looked up at the tall buildings above. They almost went higher than some of the clouds. They had to be at least two 300 levels. I saw hundreds of evac ships arriving, it was good to know that more people made it...

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