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Episode 21 – The Downside of Downshifting

Liz swiped at her phone. She had been at it for almost an hour now. Up until now, if she had been on it for more than ten minutes Rick would have yelled at her. Not in a being mean sort of way. More like he was jealous of the attention she gave it. How she would become completely fixated with it, blocking the rest of the world out. He called it a soul sucking machine.

Now, she had been face forward in it for an hour and he hadn't said a thing. Just driving, smoking, and drinking coffee, in absolute silence. At this point she was afraid to look away from it. Maybe he had just been silently glaring at her for the past hour, waiting for her to turn her head up and meet his gaze. Or worse, now that they had fucked, maybe he didn't care about her anymore.

But she couldn't stare at this phone forever. She had been going through her friends news feeds only to discover she didn't care anymore. Sure, she had thrown up some likes here and there, but they weren't genuine. It didn't seem like they were her friends anymore and that wasn't her home anymore. It was simply the past. Now, there was only the two of them and this car, chasing sunset after sunset.

As Rick and Liz make their way into California and their journey nears it's end, they begin to rethink the nature of their relationship. Is finding that perfect hamburger the end for Rick and Liz?

Find out, next week on Love and Hamburgers...

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