4 Spare Accessories You Can Use to Add Values to Your Walkie Talkies

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There are many parts and components in a walkie talkie that make it a classic apart. But, even a minor error in its components or parts can make the device unusual. Some of the components like headset, battery, speakers, etc. are repairable or you can replace them with a new one. You can also purchase some different accessories to add more value to your two-way-radios.

Some of these accessories include the following.

Spare battery

A spare battery is one of the most essential and popular accessories. Your device will not work without it. Most of the walkie talkie models have up to 20 hours of battery life which depends on their frequency range. You can get larger batteries with more power capacity; however, it will affect the weight of the two-way radio set.

Microphones and headsets

Including other types of accessories are adjustable headsets and microphones. A walkie talkie headset is used at a busy place or a noisy environment. Two-way radios are supposed to pick up more background noise when compared with mobile phones. By using a microphone or headphone, you can easily eliminate these noises.

Heavy duty speakers mics

If you want to experience a clearer transmission with your walkie talkie, you can choose heavy duty speakers mics and add them to your device. The speakers come with swivel belt clips and are very convenient for longer conversations.


In order to avoid disruption of any message or communication, you can use earpieces. Some of these earpieces have lapel clips. You can use them to listen to group dispatch messages while walking or driving.


Walkie Talkies are seamless options for the business related to hospitality and logistic industry. They are a great way to keep staff in touch and communicating with each other. If you provide your hotel employees a walkie talkie with a headset, they will increase their working capacity. And thus, you will have work productivity. Walkie Talkies are really very important.

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