Sumo: (smiling) Thank you Shravan. Really. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Shravan: You have no idea how happy you made me Sumo. Thank you for giving me this right.

Sumo smiled at Shravan. He was truly everything that she had ever wanted. Not only did he love her but he respected her and her decisions. Even though sometimes he might not agree with her, she knew that Shravan would always be by her side as a support system. And she was proud of that.

After a little while, Sumo put her seat back up to it's upright position and stared at Shravan who's eyes were concentrated on the road.

Sumo: You didn't answer my question, you know? Avoiding me won't save you. Where are we going Mr. Malhotra? As I said before, no more surprises.

Shravan: (smiling) Well, we just went to the southern most point of the island. So now, we're going to the northern most point! How does that sound??

Sumo: (grinning) Sounds like fun! Although it would be better if I was the one driving.

Shravan: (shaking his head) Don't even think about it!

Sumo: (laughing) Just joking! Anyways, what are we doing there??

Shravan: We've seen some green sand, so now it's time for some black!

Sumo: (excited) Black Sand beach here we come!!!

Shravan: (laughing) My crazy but amazing wife!

Shravan and Sumo continued the drive up the island. Passing by all sorts of landmarks, including Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, the two mountains that were the highlight of the landscape. Sumo admired the places as they past a forest, through a lava overflow zone, and back through more forests and exotic plants.

After driving for about 2 hours, they had made it up to the northern most point of the island. They were are a high elevation and the wind was blowing through their hair as the got out of the car, zipping up their jackets.

Shravan held onto Sumo's hand tightly once he saw how high they really were. They were on a tall cliff that was overlooking the ocean. Their car was parked amongst many others. There was a trail on the end of the parking lot which was a steep way down to the beach.

Shravan: It's a long walk down. Will you be able to do it?

Sumo: It's nothing we can't do. And plus, you always tell me together we can do anything!

Shravan: (laughing) Ok my atomic bomb, let's do this!

Sumo leaped up, giving Shravan a kiss on the cheeks before pulling his hand and guiding him to the entrance of the trail. The path was even steeper than it appeared and a thick layer of rock covered the path. Shravan kept Sumo pressed with his body as the began the trek down the cliff and to the beach.

Shravan: (walking) So you must love these kinds of things right? You told me you would always go on hikes and stuff with your Papa.

Sumo: (walking) Yeah. Me and Papa always did these kinds of things. Ma hated them though!

Shravan: (panting) Dang! I'm tired! This is so steep!

Sumo: Awe, what happened to my poor Shravu! And by the way, are you abs and muscles just for show or do you actually use them? (teasing)

Shravan: Very funny! You're just saying this cause you have experience! As you have seen, my parents never had time to take me out on adventures trips like this!

Sumo: For your information, the last time I did all of this, was like 20 years ago!

Shravan: But still!

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