Part 122

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After the epic trip to the Green Sand Beach, Sumo and Shravan were back on the road, heading to their next destination.

Sumo had the seats tilted back as she laid on the seat, Shravan's hand resting on her lap. She drew circles on his hand and looked up to the sunroof which was open, admiring the bright blue sky passing by as they drove.

Sumo: Soooo......What's next???

Shravan: (smiling) You really like traveling don't you??

Sumo: (grinning) Of course I do!! I've waiting my entire life to do all of this!! I never got the chance when I was little! I always had to save up to repay all of Ma's loans.

Shravan: (holding her hand tighter) Sumo, I really want to help you repay the loans.

Sumo: I know you do and trust me, that means the world to me. But.....

Shravan: Do you not consider me and you as one unit? Are we separate in your eyes?

Sumo: No Shravan. It's just's about Ma. If it was about me, than I would have let you help me. Like PCT! I never said a word to you when you spent your money to reopen it for me. But these loans are Ma's.

Shravan: Is your Priya Aunty not my Ma? Will you not give me that right?

Sumo: No Shravan! What are you saying!? Of course she's your Ma too! You have just as much right to call her your's as I do. That's definitely not what I meant.

Shravan: Than why can't I help you pay off OUR Ma's loans?

Sumo: I can't ask you to do that.

Shravan: You didn't have to. Sumo, I want to do this. Please. I can take my heart out, and give it to you if you would ask me to. Will you not do this little thing for me?

Sumo: It's not that. I could do anything for you Shravan.

Shravan: If the rolls were reversed and I needed to pay off Papa's loans, would you not help me? If I wasn't financially stable but you were, would you not try to help me? Would you sit back and relax while I worked like crazy to repay Papa's loans?

Sumo remained silent for a little while. Of course her mother's loans were important to her. They had been her mission to tackle ever since she was a little girl, starting off her career.

Her point was right. She wanted to do this because it was in between a mother and daughter. But what about what Shravan said? He wasn't wrong either. If Sumo could call Ramnath "Papa" and Nirmala "Ma", then why wasn't Shravan? And if Shravan had the right to call Priya "Ma", than why could he help her pay off the loans.

Shravan: (softly) Hey, Sumo, you know I would never force nor impose any of my decisions on you. I may be your husband but you have every right to make your decisions by yourself without having to ask me for permission. But, it would mean the world to me if you would let me help you.

Sumo: I was so wrong. Shravan, I was so wrong to say this is something that was in between a mother and daughter. I'm sorry-----

Shravan: (cutting her off) Don't you dare say sorry. I won't accept it. You have nothing to be sorry about.

Sumo: (smiling) You can help me Shravan. Help me. Help me pay off Ma's loans.

Shravan: (smiling) You mean it?

Sumo: (grinning) Yeah. I do. But I have a tiny request?

Shravan: (smiling) Anything you want Baby.

Sumo: I don't want you to pay off the whole loan. Can we do 50/50?

Shravan: Of course we can. Anything that makes you happy.

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