Getting them back.

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Lexi thought hard for a minute, then she new right away how to get revenge........
Everyone was laughing very hard. Katie literally had tears coming out of her eyes. Landon and Jonah were rolling on the floor laughing. Even Hannah was laughing very hard and she was normally quiet. Once they all calmed down a bit, they had just realized lexi was still on the floor shaking uncontrollably.
"Lexi?" Jonah asked, his voice full of concern. No answer. She was freaking out and looked like she was having a huge panic attack.
"Lexi!!" Mason and Amanda yelled. At this point all her siblings were gathered around her.
" Oh, why were we that stupid!" Alex complained, coming close to tears.
Lexi was still shaking uncontrollably.
"We need to get her to the hospital." Hannah said. Lexi starting "crying" and couldn't control herself. She was a really good actress she thought.
" lexi!!" Yelled Landon.
"That's not gonna help, probably make it much worse." Tristan told Landon.
All her siblings were freaking out completely.
"Ummm... let's try to calm her down?" Bree offered, she had a few tears running down her cheeks.
" No I'm calling 911." Mason said. Before he could type the numbers in lexi jumped forward with a smirk in her face. All of her siblings jumped some screamed really loud while a few people screamed like a girl *cough Landon *cough Jonah*cough *cough.
They all looked confused until lexi said
" ha. Gotcha, payback is a pain!" Lexi yelled and smirked. It took a while for them all to process what just happened.
Next chapter will be much longer!! Sorry didn't have much time,with school and everything!!!! If you have any ideas for chapters let me know!!! Very big special thanks to Kallie614 !❤️❤️ ps. Sorry about the chapter pic, it went with this chapter and the last.

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