chapter 23

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Hi guys. Today's my mum's birthday!

Natsu's POV:

It's already been a week since Happy started living with Luce and I.

And I'm not gonna lie.

He's an alright cat.

I mean, I still don't trust him, but he's had a hard life.

When he was young, his mother and father tried to kill him just because he didn't fit their expectations.

They wanted a girl, so they could marry her off and get lots of money, but instead they had Happy.

Lucy said she had a similar past, except her parents didn't try to kill he, and how she ended up running away from her arranged marriage.

The thought of Lucy having an arranged marriage, or should I say had, made me angry.

The man she was supposed to marry was probably a horrible snobbish person who just wanted her for her looks.

Not for her brain, or her laugh, her smile, golden hair....

That Bish she was supposed to marry probably didn't want her for any of those reasons.

But I sure did.

I love her. She is the reason I haven't went back to my miserable life back in Tartarus.

She is the reason I smile and feel emotion.

If she were to ever die, I would burn the entire world down.

Glancing at Luce, I watched as she hung balloons and streamers from the ceiling.

Her friend and her friends fiance would be returning from a week long mission today.

Smiling at the thought of Lucy's excited face when she realized they were coming home today was amazing.

Looking back at Lucy, I noticed she finished her preparations and was walking towards me.

Smiling she took a seat beside me and lied her head on my chest.

Looking at her, I felt a small blush rise up only cheeks.

Wrapping my arms around her, I held her in pure bliss.

Everything was perfect.

Until Gajeel burst through the door panicked and upset, holding a small blue haired girl in his arms.

" Help me, Levy's been attacked."
Oh no what happened to Levy!?

Is she alright?

Find out in the next update!

NG out~ 😘

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