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Creature from the dark

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I was screaming "run Andy". We were being chased by a fearsome creature. We don't know ware it came from. About a week ago I woke up from Andy yelling in my face,"mom and dad got crushed under the house I can't find them"! I got up as soon as he said that. When I got up we were both struck to the ground by the house being shook.

I grabbed Andy and started running out the door. Behind us the house crumbled and fell to the ground. I started to cry remembering that our parents were still inside.

Andy turned around and gasped at what was chasing us. I turned around to. The creature had two massive horns and large muscles, it was flipping over cars as it chased after us.

Me and Andy had a simple life. We lived in a apartment with our parents. Andy was 6 and went to blakers elementary school, he was in second grade. Andy was young and was the kind of person who would never hurt a fly. He has light brown hair and green eyes. I was the complete opposite. I was 13 and went to boulevard middle school. I had brown hair and blue eyes. My teachers would always send home notes saying I would always act up. I took hunting lessons and played paint ball with my friends every saterday.


ok that's what I have so far. Please comment on my story to let me know what u think of it. If u have any comments or recomaditins about what I should do next please tell me. I would love to add what u guys would think would be good. Thx


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