Chapter 25 - The Tragic Truth

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***** "Should we attack?" a bridge officer asked.

"Negative, we should wait until the three commanders get up to speed," Fleet Admiral Harper replied.

"That's not needed, have our fleet hold its current position. I want an image of the whole fleet and their names on the command table. Give me a view of the Unknown base via satellite or any spy planes. Also, I want a cup of coke," I stated as I entered the bridge.

"Commander on deck!" Daniel exclaimed as the whole crew saluted at me.

"At ease guys." I chuckled as I scanned the bridge.

"Everyone's here," I murmured.

"Hell yeah," Alex exclaimed.

"Gather at the command table," I ordered. As the group hustled towards the table, I grabbed someone's arm to and pulled it towards me.

"Long time no see," I murmured.

"You too," Lindsey answered warmly with a smile. "It's good to have you back."

"Good to see you," I said and patted her head.

"Hey!" she exclaimed.

"As usual," I murmured as we gathered around the command table.

"Lindsey!" Emilia exclaimed as she saw the ex-command student at the front of the bridge.

"Emilia!" she squealed, turning to face her.

"Well, well, well," I murmured as Emilia and Lindsey embraced.

"Anyone care to explain?" Joseph asked.

"I'll start," Lindsey replied. "You should've already been briefed about our current situation and your past memories should be coming back.

"Can I have a picture of the fleet?" I requested, staring at the command table.

"Sir, sending fleet positioning now," a bridge officer reported. I nodded as Daniel turned on the command table.

"Interesting..." I mumbled, looking through the ship stats. "Who made them?"

"The fleet is a united fleet of ships from all the major factions, including the UN," the fleet admiral explained.

"You mean like China and the US?" Joseph asked.

"Unfortunately, while you were in captivity, the world had changed quite a lot," an officer stated.

"Captain Beck, do you want to explain the current world powers?" Fleet Admiral Harper asked.

"Sure," an officer said as he stepped up to join us around the command table. "Firstly, after the invasion of the Unknowns, many weaker countries were taken over by stronger nations or formed alliances in order to protect themselves. Currently, there are nine major world powers. There is the USNA, the United States of North America that excludes Panama, as it remains as an independent country. Another is the Chinese Federation, which includes Mongolia, and most of the Stan countries. The South-East Asian Alliance was formed by most of the southeast Asian countries excluding Taiwan, since it belonged to the New United Nations and held its own independence. The European Union includes most of the European countries and Scandinavia except for Switzerland. The Russian Federation consists Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and other countries that were invaded by Russia at the start of the chaos. The Arab-Northern African League includes countries located in the Arab Peninsula, Turkey, Egypt, and other Muslim countries in that area except for Israel. The Indo-Persia Union consists of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The United Nations only has six members: Japan, Israel, Taiwan, the United Korean Peninsula, Australia, and New Zealand. USNA once decided to invade South America to create ARUS, the Atlantic Rim United States, which will include the entire continents of North and South America. However, a terrorist attack that killed the previous USNA president caused the whole plan to collapse, as the main driving force for the unification was the president himself."

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